Soooo Terra has cult of the vault symbol

Yeah I have seen it and I can’t think of how to get it by flying around in Cheat Engine. So if anyone knows how to get it please let me know, thx :smiley:

That one on the underside of the cliff is actually one of two- the other one is much easier to find if you take an elevator ride :smiley: While I’ve seen Youtube vids of players getting it just before the gate opens and drops them down, I’d have to say the easiest way would be to go meet Terra in normal and let him bounce you high enough to tag the symbol- any level 72+ character should have the gear/health to easily take the pounding…

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Getting the one under the cliff can be a real pain if you don’t use the Cheat Engine or Terra bouncing you up there. Because you have to time it just right when the doors about to close and when you jump down (requires 1 other person to open the doors before you) because you have to wedge yourself between the doors and the cliff and then run forward to the click the vault symbol when the doors open. First time I did it, it took about 15-20min to get it.

Okay, enough talk of third party software.