Soooo... you can only keep 3?

Kinda surprised we haven’t talked about this yet.

The Borderlands 3 Twitter & Facebook feeds posted a matrix of all 9 manufacturers yesterday, with the headline “You can only keep three”.

Speculating, but sounds like a warmup to the Cartel Wars to me. We players will have to pick 3 of the 9 to play with, and I assume the new area they’re making for this will enforce that somehow.
If I’m right, for me it’ll be Atlas, Dahl, and Torgue, so I can use my Q-System, Night Hawkin, and Anarchys. And my Hex’s for grenades. COMs don’t show manufacturers in BL3, and shields I’ll be good with whatever I can find from the 3.

Think I’m reading this right?

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I dunno… it seems like a pretty common social media trope, like ‘desert island’ or something. We’ll see!

Related - I totally forgot about their Scamps comics.

It looks like standard social media animation to me, they do mini polls all the time I would not read too much into it

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Part of me actually wants this, it could add a nice twist to content

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Not gonna lie, I think you’re reading too much into this. I think this is really just a bit of a popularity contest and one of those social media things.

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Anarchy is made by Tediore in BL3, though :slight_smile:

So much for “their guns are garbage” meme…


Jakobs Dahl and Maliwan if I had to pick.

Maliwan (Ion Lasers) and Torgue (Lobs) for sure…
Jakobs, maybe Vladof (Sickles) for the 3rd. Maybe Hyperion (Transformers / Brainstormers)

This is a great hypothetical.

Maliwan, Eridian, and Jakobs.

You’re right, I was even looking at it in my inventory. I think I got confused cuz I misspelled Tedeore and put Torgue in to replace it (really).

Well where’s the fun in that?!?! :wink:

Moze: Torgue, Tediore, Maliwan or Vladof
Fl4k: Jakobs, Maliwan, Tediore

I don’t think Eridian counts.

I also think I should force myself to start using Dahl. I love the low recoil, but I almost never use them.

Not trying to kill ur fun but honestly isn’t that a bit unrealistic.
The Cartel Wars start very soon I mean all optimism aside I’m pretty sure we should not expect they are asking in order to get creative with it in the cartels but I’m assuming they are going to use our responses, maybe for something upcoming in the next two months.

And now i can participate here.
I would choose Tediore, Jacobs and Torgue.

IIRC there are three different cartels? Maybe each one has certain ‘preferred’ manufacturers? I know they’re themed differently.

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