Sooooo, where’s our rewards for all the delicious points😏

Can’t help but notice we’ve received a LOT of points recently I have almost 20k now and have nothing to buy, any ideas regarding what’s coming?:smirk: hope it’s something good, BORDERLANDS IS AMONG US, 5 hours and 10 mins!:scream:

probably wait for the next season to roll out. maybe they will put out more weapons/grenades/shields or skins and heads.

all we can do is wait

They’ve probably put out so many points of late to get those who haven’t been in it too long a chance to catch up to those who have and so that they can have a chance at the Maliwan, skins, heads…

I don’t believe that there will be more than 3 seasons. We’ve know there will be 3 seasons since the program started, but no news on anything past that. We suspect that they’ll release a means of spending points on Golden Keys and possibly even other legendaries, but no more than that.

I’ve pre-ordered Borderlands 3 and I’ve got a linked 2k account but I didn’t get the points. Howcome?

Because it’s not automatic through the store when you place the pre-order (for one thing, there are far too many places you can pre-order to coordinate!) Instead, you just do the survey on the VIP site.

Thanks for the quick response! I did the survey but I still can’t get my 2K linked account points.

I never signed up for the VIP site, so I’m really not sure on the details - maybe @Tokesy97 can help you out?

I don’t have a 2K account so have no idea how that one connects.

yeah, I think something is broken. I figured I’d just go ahead and try and link to my PSN because it doesn’t look to care whether I’m linking to the platform I’m going to use. Anyhow, after logging in to Sony it says something went wrong and crashes out back to the Borderlands 3 splash screen.

What browser are you using? Any ad or script blockers running? Are you signed in to any other service in another tab or window in your browser? I’m assuming you’re going through - is it already showing as linked there?

I tried with both Chrome and Firefox and had the same crash problem. No, no blockers or anything. It just worked with iOS but I was told that my psn is tied to another account. I dunno.

Thanks for your help!

That seems to happen more than it should. There’s a couple of possibilities there. One is that you had signed in to SHIFT from either BL2 or TPS previously using a different email to your current one. Another is if you share your PS4 with others or have your account on different boxes, someone might have signed in to their SHIFT account while accidentally signed in to your profile. About the only way to sort this out would be to contact Gearbox Shift support - there’s a link on the SHIFT site you can use to access the form.