Sooooooo what is there to wait for now aside from maybe the Cartel event?

like is there a new dlc coming? New arenas, proving grounds, raids?

Nothing else we know of now

edit: @CharmlessBee is right there are still 2 vault cards coming. those slipped my mind


Borderlands 4


A season 3 announcement, hopefully with more extensive DLCs like the ones in season one.

I’d also like to see various QoL changes but I wouldn’t bet on getting them.

Other than that, bug fixes I guess.


Two more Vault Cards as part of DLC6.


Normally this is not a big problem that they don’t have anything big announced. Think about it, the new content have just released so it’s ok not having anything planned.
I’m totally fine with the scope of the game, it’s quite huge.


Please take a step back and instead of thinking about new content please fix all the bugs that were introduced by the expansions.
There are features which worked fine but they are broken now. Just a few:
-The famous UI/subtitle resize (my partner no longer plays borderlands due to this!)
-Zane’s new skins doesnt get applied to the digi clone
-Several UI bugs

and the list goes on.
B3 is an excellent game therefore they shoudln’t abandon in it in this state.

And on a really personal note I’m not fond of these hotfixes where you quickly edit a weapons damage by x percent and call it a hotfix. Those are not fixes. Sorry.


Buffs and nerfs until the end of time apparently.

I’m still waiting until these trickle down to no longer occurring so I can just enjoy the “final” game.


Two more vault cards from dlc6, which given implementation probably means QoL patches too. Probably.

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There are 4 large dlcs and 2 other smaller DLCs along with a buttload of ways to build a character. That not enough content for you? I didnt even mention trials and takedowns. I wish the live service crowd would just leave and play destiny or outriders and leave our game alone. All i want now is QOL changes and polishing whats here.


Of really like another cartel event. Mostly because I was told that’s where my pew pew guns spawn! I love my pew pews! Those and my Ruby Wraths. Got one of those couples with a mod or something that ups my magazine size so I get 11 rounds between full-time ups!

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What I’d like to see them do is add a slaughter shaft type arena to each DLC with enemies based on the DLC (e.g… a Handsome Jackpot slaughter shaft filled with hyperion robots/surveyors, etc. with the final boss being like the one from the claptrap DLC in the original borderlands).


Why should it be? The the foundation the game provides is good and there is no reason to not want more of a good game. There is also no reason for GBX to move on to something like “BL4” as the game doesn’t look dated (and is not going to anytime soon) and the gameplay itself is consistently highlited as really good by almost every review.

Well it’s also “their game” isn’t it? In fact you’re in luck here as you can just ignore any new content releases and keep playing the game as is if that’s what you want to.

This should be done regardless.


Not necessarily.

I can’t ignore the new releases of anointments dropped in the Season Pass 2 that I don’t own, but drop for me regardless.

I can’t ignore the freaking dialogue between Axton and Sal every time I port into Sanctuary and walk past that sign (unless they fixed that).

I can’t ignore the nerfs and buffs that happen constantly, and change the way my own game, that I play solo, plays.

If all future updates were OPTIONAL, then you’d be right and I’d agree…but they aren’t.


But this is still different from the content for DLCs people usually ask for. As you said this could easily be solved by them locking the anointments behind owning the DLC.

I already did that content so I don’t get the dialogue anymore (I didn’t even know that they try to speek to you if you don’t own the DLC) so I can’t speak to that but the solution here is obvious and as I said: QoL changes should be done regardless.

Buffs and nerfs to base game items is nothing you can blame on the new content DLCs people are asking for.

People seem to look at BL3 as an online game in that it should constantly receive new content. Don’t get me wrong I would love new content in the future but there has already been loads for this installment.

I think we all got spoilt with BL2 and now we want that level of commitment again.

Aside from the remaining two vault cards and hopefully a re-run of the cartel event as I missed it first time, I don’t see there being anymore content being released. I would lap it up if there was but I doubt it.

If BL3 made GBX or 2K the most money they’ve ever made from a game release then I reckon they’ll be focusing on BL4 in the future.

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All im trying to get at is gearbox has shown us they cant handle new content and polish this game. So i would prefer if i had to pick one it be QOL. Thats all. You can disect everything i said if you want to all day long. But what in gearboxes record would lead you to expect both? Also i just find it a little nauseating that people complain about content that haven’t even bothered to farm all the new legendarys on the new dlc’s in every element with every different annointment for every type of build. To me its like here we go again as soon as content drops we keep asking whens the next thing. 98 to 99% of these people havent done what i stated earlier. So what im saying is if all you want is more story then go pick up a story driven game. For me this series is about loot. Sweet sweet unhindered loot. You use that loot to make a nasty build which in turn makes the game feel new. People have no imagination anymore. I blame it on our society embracing everything fast and quick. Rarely does one stop to smell the roses anymore. If your having console crashes like some here then it probably smells like poo and for those people i say QOL is more important.

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Can do I can get on board with! Your positions on what they CAN or MIGHT do are great, and I don’t think we disagree.

ACTUALLY do is where the rubber meets the road, though, right? There I think we might also agree, but you maybe are more optimistic going forward than I am? Not sure, and don’t want to put words in your mouth.

Beyond that, it sounds like we mostly agree on things that they should do going forward (at least the things I want), but I don’t know we have equal confidence that they’ll actually do that…which leaves a very different game in reality depending on what they do and don’t do.

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oof, this is not gatekeeping at all


I have a great deal of sympathy with your view but BL3 was aimed at the “live service crowd” from its release. GBX didn’t want to declare that up-front. They included just enough “traditional” mechanics to make sure players, who prefered the format of the original games, parted with their money. In doing that, they did neither format very well.

However, it’s clearly the games-as-a-service model they really want to support. Therefore, t’s perfectly reasonable that they are expected to produce constant new content. That’s the nature of the genre. I hope GBX are ready for it.

But BL2 was relatively hands free aside from the DLC though?

They added the 4 story DLCs, the 5 headhunters packs (which were about as long as a single DLC all combined) and then DigiPeak update, did nothing for a year until they put out a patch where they improved the drop rates and did some balance changes, like the Fastball or Maya’s Acid Cloud skill, then did nothing for around 4 years until DLC5 (Commander Lilith).

BL2 never got as many content updates and balance changes for free as BL3 did, it didn’t got a second season pass, nor new models for characters, updated level caps (you had to pay for them in 2) or daily/weekly challenges. BL2 was way less supported than 3 has been in the same timeframe.

I would love to see more content or 1-2 more raid bosses in a different planet by like Eden-6 or Nekrotefayo, sure, but otherwise Gearbox has been way more commited to this game, for better or worse, than the last one.