Sooooooooo how about some All Chat?

We need to be able to trash talk the other team. Also be able to just communicate with them about the match.

i would enjoy either proximity microphones, and/or global chat like exists on private matches :slight_smile: Even better if local chat obviously still exists. :slight_smile:

That’s not only a no, but a “hell no” from me.


Or, just have a fun game and call it a day! Too many keyboard commandos out there in other games; don’t need any in this one.

Alltalk has been a blight on TF2 for years, so I can’t really work up any enthusiasm at all for even the notion of inter-team chat in battleborn.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

All in all such an option just acts as troll bait. Which starts taunts then the whole “L2P Noob” eventually spiraling out of control into someone getting butthurt. If random people playing games could be trusted to be civil then maybe id say “sure ok”. But sadly something about gaming brings out the worst in some people.


It’s the competitive aspect. Not everybody was taught good sportsmanship or was and forgot all about it.

For the love of all that is still pure in this world - please no “all chat”. I’m way too tired for this “Trash talking” :sweat_smile:

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What about no. In 99% of cases that will only be used for trash talking and I prefer that poeple who’s only joy in life is insulting other people to not have such option.

What would be better is that teams could nominate a mvp from other team’s players. And if let’s say 3/5 vote for the same player he would get some xp/credits bonus or something along those lines. Im other words give option for players to congratulate enemies, not ways to insult them.


This would be great! I’ve ran into some super good foes and since on Steam you can’t msg people who aren’t on your friends list (which is a blessing) a way to commend good play by the enemy would be grand.

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That’s actually a really good idea. Have each team vote for an opposing player for MVP. What would that take? 10 extra seconds after a match ends and a few extra “virtual” credits? I don’t think any games out there do that.
I can only like your idea one time, but I’m gonna hold the left click down for a whole 3 seconds. So it’s kind of like a super like.


Not so much a problem on console, I guess. I play on Xbox, so if I really need to talk to someone on the enemy team, I could send a message over XBL.

All in all, I’m against an all chat for the very same reason given many times above. I’ve ran into a few players who were unsociable and/or condescending, even downright hostile. And those were my Teammates. I don’t even want to know what my enemies have to say. :smile:

This is downright the best Idea I’ve ever read, concerning team interaction. Productive, friendly and with no way to abuse the system for any negative purpose.
Also fits the current philosophy on how to deal with player interaction problems.
The latest statements from Gearbox regarding AFK players/quitters shows they’re more looking to promote good play (through incentives) than to punish bad behaviour.

Maybe @JoeKGBX could mention this to the devs? (Assuming this hasn’t already been discussed internally. Otherwise, sorry for bothering you. :sweat_smile: )


While I have absolutely zero influence on development, as I am not a Gearbox employee, I can assure you that this first line may have defeated your argument before it was even considered.

Taunts are in the game, and Gearbox is not one to avoid a bit of gamesmanship. Friendly rivalries are prevalent and are the nature of competitive sport, but trash-talking will not be limited to that in the least bit.

I assure you, as some one who played a game that had it’s All-Chat removed. It will often degenerate in to the worst aspects of human behavior.

Gearbox has been famous for listening to the consensus of the community, and the majority will be vehemently opposed to this.

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Also the anonymity. It’s easy to be a big man when there’s no fear of reprisal.

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Yeah, that would be cool.

@reliikki what about some kind of “fixed” message options like they have in Dark Souls? This would let you choose from preset messages, so you could communicate in limited fashion but not be abusive?

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This could work.
There also should be something like this anyway, even if it’s just for your team. A ping wheel has been requested many times. Even a simple “Thank You” would be nice.

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This is the reason I want it - I’ve played some good teams and I’d like to send them even a quick GG or a mention of any great plays. Overwatch has cross-team chat and I very rarely see it used for abuse - when it is, well, that’s why there’s a “Report abusive behaviour” button :slight_smile:

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Although the OP put it horribly I think it should still be considered to a degree.

Cough Vote for all talk cough What was that? A decent idea? I think sooo.

I gotta be honest though and say if there was all talk I would talking some ■■■■ haha. If I was going 12-3 with Thorn and all three of my deaths were to let’s say, Orendi’s ult followed by a taunt. Then you best believe I’m going to talk ■■■■ to that Orendi.

In my personal opinion, I think people take trash talking a little too seriously. I don’t think trash talking should be encouraged but I swear I remember something about sticks and rocks that had something to do with this. I’m tryna keep a light tone but honestly I think all talk would be “interesting” to say the least I would want to see it at least once

Now that I say that I actually remember a private match I had with 10 people in an Xbox party and God damn that ■■■■ was fun.

Edit: The trash talking aspect could also be countered by reporting people for abusive language or something like that.

Fixed message options? Sure.

Giving asshats even more freedom to be asshats? Nah.


I want text chat on console, if I have a good game I wanna say gg or something like that not send messages to the other guys.

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