Soothing Sunlight & Solar Burst nerf... why?

I know it’s kinda late as the patch went live pretty long ago, however I forgot to create that thread then, so I am creating it now.

When I was reading patch notes initially, I was happy about Sunspot changes because they would make both Soothing Sunlight and Solar Burst viable… and then I read that they nerf their effectiveness TWICE. WTF?

Why developers are so keen on making those two helix options worthless?

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Right now Ambra is in the best spot she’s been since the beta. They have given her buffs in the last 2 updates. I think you’re looking at the very first patch notes. Look at the changes from 07/21 & 07/28. She’s pretty damn good ATM.

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Just out of curiosity, why would you go with either of those options? Blessing of the sun is much much better for her kit.

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I believe the nerf came to balance out the potentially VERY low CD on sunspots if you played optimally. I haven’t done the math on it, but they didn’t want you constantly heating, hitting, and repeatedly dropping sunspots either healing or damaging for the 150ish they do now.

I’d agree that [quote=“Xelaris96, post:3, topic:1542810”]
Blessing of the sun is much much better for her kit.

but, I saw some beta video of someone just dropping sunspots like crazy, putting out a ton of damage.

So, overall, I think those nerfs were safeguards, though I hope they know that even post patch, no one takes those options…like…ever.


The problem is that they are terrible atm.

Either figure out a good spot for them, or change em to something else.

I’m talking about those two helix options in particular, not Ambra as a whole. Ambra currently being strong has nothing to do with those two options being utterly pointless.

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That’t the point. They are horrible. And I want helix options to provide actual choice, not 3 options, two of which are essentially self-inflicted handicaps.

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You should take into account that by picking either of those, you don’t just gain a new and exciting ability to burst sunspot, you lose a lot of your healing potential. And, by the way, to perform the thing you’re describing here, Ambra must remain melee, which is extremely risky behavior which is very likely to get her killed.

You don’t have to convince me. I’'ve only taken them twice to see if I could squeeze anything interesting out of them. I could not.

I hate those two options. They’re, like you said, utterly pointless.

AND to make matters worse, the “more health” talent doesn’t increase their effectiveness (or at least it didn’t when I tested it over a month ago).

“Sunspots have 50% more health” should mean that those little bursts do 50% more damage, but w/e

Since they clearly don’t want us taking those talents, how about we change them into something else?

Soothing Sunlight

Allies healed by Sunspots take reduced damage for a short amount of time. +16% damage reduction over 4 seconds.

Solar Burst

When damaging enemies, Sunspots now release a pulse of damage, depleting 25% of max sunspot health. (some number of damage points here)

I’d be okay with Solar Burst also applying to healing, if you wanted to change her healing mechanism to pulses rather than a ray.

I like that thought for soothing sunlight, but feel like it matches up better with level 1 than 4. Maybe 25% percent? Or 20 over 6 seconds? It just needs to be a bit stronger to even consider giving up the extra healing, but would be a neat alternative if you have a Miko on the team.

For solar burst, how about instead of changing the functionality, sunspots leave behind a modest DoT when extinguished, say 120 damage over 3 seconds? So there’s a damage option, but they still get to do some healing instead of eliminating their primary purpose. Thoughts? (Personally I’d love a cc option here but the cd is too short for that.)

The numbers for “Soothing Sunlight” are negotiable. I’m not a balance dev, so w/e. But the reason that I think it should be less than the healing is that damage reduction stacks and is really valuable in higher numbers. So 25% extra damage reduction on Montana, for example, would make him nearly unkillable (more-so than he already is). Damage Reduction, is effectively a combination of +HP, +Regen/s, and +Healing received. (may or may not apply to shields)

I really like your idea for Solar Burst, but I’m very cautious about giving Ambra a Napalm effect. That’s another thing to chalk up to the balance team. I’m sure they could give her a small 3 second DoT on Sunspot and it’d be a GREAT offensive talent for her kit without being a must-pick.

Yeah, it would definitely have to be a weaker/shorter effect to not be ridiculous. Heck, I’d take a 60 damage explosion at EoL over what we have now. Anything to not lose the primary purpose.

edit: forgot to mention, don’t forget Alani has a 30% DR resist helix on her heal. I do think this should be smaller, since it can affect multiple people.

It should just be changed. i don’t think numbers tweaking is gonna work here.

Maybe the ability to make her sunspot work differently; maybe hold the button and charge it.

Thought: you take one of those helixes and the sunspot changes to only doing one thing at a time instead of two at a boosted rate. Of course, the left helix would have to change at that point…

“Sunspot cooldown increased by 100%; but Sunspot health, efficiency, and healing increased by 50%”

Of course, that would be OP AF, most likely.

Maybe a helix that could make sunspots follow people in a certain area, like mines.

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Or…not that I’d necessarily want to take this option, but what about a helix where Sunspots become Support- ONLY w/ enhanced healing–basically giving up all of its damage to go 1 : 1 or 1 : 0.5 (balancing testing needed) extra healing…and the other side is the same but in reverse. You can spec sunspots that do all damage but provide no healing. It would allow for sunspot variations at least.

So instead of say 70 heal and 70 damage per tick, you can choose 140 heal OR 140 damage per tick…again, balance testing need on numbers.

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I said that already, stop plagiarizing my ideas

but seriously, I think that this would work pretty well, but I don’t think “attack only” should be a thing.

Way too many Ambras would go full attack, and since sunspots are literally her only source of healing (gimped Miko beam be damned) I think it would change her role too much.

I think it could be - left helix increased healing
mutation - no damage, more increased healing and sunspot efficiency
right helix - increased sunspot damage

Sorry, didn’t read.

nah I was kidding