Soothing Sunlight & Solar Burst nerf... why?

(Tremadog102) #21

I used to like the Sunspot burst in the CTT but with the Sunspotter ability adding damage it seems disposable Sunspots are no longer much use. I’d rather keep the healing over time than being able to go Roy Mustang in people’s faces.

The other problem is that improving Soothing Sunlight will make it closer to Alani’s Splash Zone helix option. I think it would be nice if Soothing Sunlight made the Sunspot explode in a healing nova. It could cause an instant heal nearby with a small heal over time afterwards? That would allow Ambra to heal people in the middle of a team fight when a Sunspot would normally be consumed instantly. It would be less effective than her Blessing of the Sun helix for healing out of combat because you would not be able to use Stellar Ritual to keep the Sunspot healing.

I hope that Gearbox give that sort of helix option some thought. It’s the closest I can get to the current helix option and still make it worthwhile.