Sorcerers Daughter: Tiny Tinas DLC

Stuck on this part, I like to think I have good weapons (infinity, bee, hammer buster, etc) but she is a pain. Anyone stuck on this part as well and would like to team up. Xbox one. Sorry if this is is wrong area…

Got you moved to the One section. Happy looting.

Thanks, much appreciated!

What level are you?

Level 53, was only level 50 when I got back into this game. So I’m slowly adapting to the gameplay again haha

Wish I could help I am about to hit 30’s. I used to have 3 level 72 characters at op 8, but I sold my old console and had to start over.

Want a rapid infinity for when you reach the higher levels?

Thanks but I will be okay man :smiley: my friend had some of my old gear off the 360, and gave it back so I am set for when I hit the higher levels.

Haha no problem, I’ve been getting lucky with drops so I figured I could hook someone up.

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I appreciate that man! My GT is xx BA scooby xx when I get back to level 72 if you ever need some help you can shoot me a message.

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Cool my gt is WoofinAintEazy, I’m down to play whenever. I could help you out now, since you’re a little lower of a level.

Any interest in a hammer buster? I seriously am getting legendary drops every 15 min lol