Sorry Alani players, you will never convince me

That’s she is not OP right now!

Two engaged and a turret, was able to take out the turret damage us some, and still leave the fight with more life than she entereed.

It wasn’t just her HP that’s broken, it’s just about EVERYTHING! This right here makes me not enjoy the game like I want too, as even the simplest of alani players can do this. Also this is level 2 and the game just starting and she’s able to sustain that well.

And don’t give me that crap “You just gotta burst damage her” EVERYONE ON THIS GAME DIES FROM BURST DAMAGE! I really want someone to give a solid explanation of this o(by this i mean leaving a situation like this with more health than she had) other than she’s broken, cause this is not fair.

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I’m sorry but you guys barely hit her and then she got an over-shield…

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it has taken me 35 years of life to realize that it is next to impossible to convince someone of something like this. i personally do not want to argue with anyone anymore about it on here. i have given a bunch of evidence, and it really didnt make any difference at all. all it did was get me frustrated and them frustrated. i give up on it

I find Alani is still a bit OP, but only by a hair. She wasn’t Galilea OP to begin with and then they nerfed her health which IMO was the most OP thing about her.

The reason you didn’t kill her there is because you didn’t stay on her, she kept dodging around and you weren’t on top of her. I have never played as Ambra so if that is the way one plays Ambra I apologize, but I main Rath, Deande and Thorn right now and with all 3 if I want someone dead I get right up in their business (less so with Thorn unless I am trying to heavy burst with Volley). You kept a fair distance and as such barely did damage, you had a few chances, the last of which it kinda looked like you were going to take but then she got an over shield which is just bad luck on you.

Only nerf that I think Alani could take at this point without becoming trash is a minor damage reduction, something that would not have affected the outcome of this scenario at all.


The only problem with this pictyure is the character is broken right now and needs to be fixed.

Sigh, you bring proof and people still don’t see it. She’s the only character in this game to do this, THE ONLY CHARACTER! Any otehr character in this game trying this same deal would be ko’d, health or not. The fact that she took turret damage, damage from me and caldirus and was still able to get out with more HP is just ridiculous.

Name one other character that can do that in this game right now, go ahead, I’ll wait.

If that battle would’ve drug out of course we wouldve taken her out, but she’s not a tank, she’s a SUPPORTER.

Yea tbh u where hiding behind that rock waiting on her to heal her self and destroy the turret while idk what u where doing just standing there if u would have attack from above u would have kill her while the turret was doing dmg

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And another one

Tell me where in that video where I could’ve gotten on the platform and still maintained the pincer attack? I wasn’t waiting on anything, but I see that you guys aren’t familiar with body blocking so I forgive. To pull out three osmosis stacks and people say it takes forever to charge. To burst damage her even though anyone can get KO’d from burst damage, that she doesn’t do much damage though i’ve seen her top the charts quite often, now it’s I wasn’t doing enough damage even though that’s how you run a successful pincer attack. Man oh man

I’m just starting to believe that no matter how much proof you give someone they still gonna find a way to argue it. Eh well lesson learned from this.

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Lol this thread is a joke right? :sweat_smile: :joy:


I agree I main as ambra and she is a mid to close range and if u want something dead u have to be right on top of it I’m sure Miko could have easy scape out of this scenario and heal up too


As a support player, I feel this video does little to convince that she needs a drastic nerf (beyond the health reduction that went live today). I mastered both Ambra and Miko and could have escaped in a similar fashion that she did with both. I also played Alani up to level 12 and can understand how she was able to escape that. She played the hide and seek game around that pillar, using the charges she already had (the first heal doesn’t look like it was fully stacked, but could be wrong). She then rebuilt her charges by hitting the turret (these things don’t do much damage, so not surprised that she could easily tank that) and then used charges to heal herself again. She was able to push you back with her tide ability and then retreated back into her base quickly thanks to the accelerator.

That wasn’t proof of Alani being godlike, that’s just what happens when you encounter a good player. Could she use some tweaks? Yeah, her damage is still a bit higher than what you’d expect from a support. But does she need a drastic rework? No.


Sigh, I give up.

She needs a nerf

I didn’t think so at first but I am starting to suspect it lol

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If you had both pushed her she’d have died, I get myself into those situations all the time and trigger shield recharge on skill, stealth, stun, ect to get away.

She’s annoying yes but not OP unless she stacks health mods that turn almost any toon op.

You very clearly were just outplayed. You had full heat the entire time and weren’t melee’sing her. You had Solar Wind for damage and reheating. You could easily have gotten close and smashed her. Instead you piddled around with a heavily nerfed drain beam and a Caldarius that should have pressured her with his blade instead of missing most of those TMP shots. This video is a terrible example of her being OP.


I was on a team without an Alani (or any support actually) on it and beat a team with both an Alani and a Miko. It’s not impossible. I’m not saying that Alani doesn’t still need some tweaks, but she’s not OP to the point where having her on the team guarantees success. At any rate she received a small adjustment earlier and will receive a few more adjustments in the future. The developers have acknowledged that she is a bit on the strong side and are working to balance her out.

This video does do terrible at trying to defend a nerf, even though she still needs a damage nerf. I’m honestly glad they dropped her HP because now when I seen Alani’s trying to charge full force you can drop them a little bit quicker now, but they still pump out WAY too much damage.

Just today in a match, if Alani got a Geyser on our ISIC he was insantly dead because she could pump out ovr 1.2k damage on her torrent alone, and kill him before the bind effect was up. Show me a support/CC character that can pump out as much damage as fast as she does, while being able heal herself.

We just have to wait for the next update, because they’ve already said they have more planned for her anyways. At least now she’s not AS tanky as she used to be.

Don’t worry she ruins or hampers the game experience of alot of gamers that actually want to play balanced games where players are as close to eventually matched so their skill can actually get them somewhere- Not much said when you use overpowered characters, I won’t say much more because I don’t want to try to attack players based off their opinions but sometimes people are just straight up wrong. Alani is point and case Overpowered.

With that said bud just hang in there again, Devs have already stated they intend to do more to alani but it will require a full patch to do so and patches take time. Personally i’m just playing bb less and less because of this. One patch things were balanced on one character to add another one that throws the game totally back out of wack. I will admit i played one game today and was 4v5 and still won our alani ragequit and killing theirs with thorn( someone I also posted about) made felt like sweet sweet revenge.

That’s funny because I don’t see this many others you speak of anywhere. Most people are saying that the health nerf was exactly what was needed and possibly a slight damage reduction, while others are complain they die too fast now. Matches aren’t decided because of alani being too op, gallilea was way worse, and I’ve seen more matches where no one plays as her compared to ones where they do. This video the op post doesn’t make any kind of point for his case either as caldarius couldn’t hit her and didn’t pressure at all as well as the op not using ambra in an efficient way.


All she requires now is an attack speed reduction, simply because of gear synergy with the cool down reduction helix. I run gear that gives me ~40% attack speed increase, and with that helix choice i can heal and use abilities almost as fast as i can button mash (as long as there is something to hit).

There are some horrifically OP gear combos that can turn her into a tank assassin… but then show me a character that doesn’t happen to. And that is only available to the phew players lucky enough to get those maxed legendary/epic drops.

I just wanted to say that… Yeah, she’s op. But I beat her in 1v1 more often than she beats me as most the characters I use. Rath is pretty easy, particularly when you get ult. Mirror matches are a joke. Orendi is absolutely hilarious watching her unable to heal because she can’t hit me. Gali is fun, wound and silence. Caldarius, easy. Melka, easier. Thorn is difficult, but slow is your friend.
Oh, and your Caldarius was god awful in that video. He was past the range where his damage dropped off, wasn’t landing crits, didn’t blind or melee her that I saw (yes his melee is viable vs her, even beneficial if he’s cutting off her escape), I’m assuming since I saw no ults that you weren’t 5… Otherwise he coulda killed her. Unless it was on cd. Essentially, your assassin didn’t deal damage. If you’re expecting Ambra to out aggro Alani, you’re in for a world of hurt. Is she op? Maybe. But I don’t lose to her almost ever. I find it hilarious when the enemy has one and we don’t, because they automatically think they’ll win and they overextend, particularly the Alani.
All it takes to kill her is a bit of burst. Three shots from toby will do the trick, now that they nerfed her hp.

I’m also saying this after using her for 3 matches and going up 20 ambra kills (I GOT THE LORE :D) in the last couple hours. So yeah I’m biased, but, to be fair, I hardly use her. I just felt like having a few good matches and I know I can stomp with her :slight_smile: