Sorry folks plus borderlands 3 impressions

I’d like to take this opportunity to say to the people I was extremely rude to and that apologize profusely for my posts. I had no right to be like that as I am not that person in real life. So I hope everyone that I was rude to accept my apology. On a borderlands 3 note of course. I’m really starting to like it. I’m getting into it more and I hope issues for those having them are getting fixed because this is a good game at least from what I’ve played. I haven’t played a lot due to work but I don’t know how your feelings are on it. It would be hard to top borderlands 2 but this is so far at least somewhat close. Hopefully dlc’s make it even better. I don’t know how you guys feel about that. But sorry again guys.


Nice of you to take 2 mins and say it. You were not rude to me but people on internet can sometimes let themselves be toxic for the sake of it.

Yeah I’m totally not like that but there’s a lot going on right now that isn’t good. I’m not a bad person or smarter than anyone else. I take care of my disabled brother at my house so he has somewhere to live rent free so he can have some fun. I’ll help anyone that needs it. Showing empathy and being kind to others is something we need more of. Building people up not tearing them down. On the subject of the game I’m really starting to like it . I didn’t at first but it really is hooking me. I’m glad because it’s my favorite franchise and I was hoping it would be good. There is a lack of games I’m really into lately.