Sorry for my brother

Long story but my brother took my phone and messaged people and started arguments.

Correct me if I’m incorrect… but… if you payed $90… you would have bought the Digital Deluxe with the Season Pass… which included the 5 DLC ■■■■■■■ packs, and all 5 post release characters.

I… am confused as to what you’d be gaining as a founder if you payed $90 with your proposal…


Up to $90. How are they going to make it free to play after I payed base pay for the barely alpha game.

Yeah… but… like… I don’t see what people who payed $90 are going to gain with your proposal.
Because… they’d… like… already have the DLC. And the characters.


@Benedict_87 not mentioning the 1000 free platinum, or the other goodies


Yeah. That too.

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Yeah, they paid $90 for it with the exclusive edition and a year later make it free to play. They paid EXTRA for things EXCLUSIVE. So basically they paid $90 for skins, emotes, and taunts. Does that sound like a good deal?

Then call it a bundle with cosmetic exclusives

I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m kind of ok with it.
The game was dying. If this shoots some life into it I’m all for it. (Season Pass and Digital Deluxe founder here)

In paladins the founders pack is 20 dollars vs $90 for emotes etc. And “early access”

And that we have full PvE experience, titles and gear-farming. Trial-players don´t have these nice things.
And we can play all 30 Battleborn at any day of the week.

I payed 85€/95$ for my BB-disc, then when my XB1 ate the disc I had to buy it again online for full price. Just did it for PvE and DLC-Operations, so exactly for that part of BB the F2P-people will not have unless they upgrade. Which costs 30-50$.

Those who payed 90€ have full Story Mode access, full character roster, full DLC content, DDE-exclusive content, Founder-Bonus like 1000P, ect, ect.

You might ignore the PvE missions & DLC, but its a huge part o the game, even if you don´t like these modes or rarely played them. As I played maybe 20 open PvP-matches so far, and went back to PvE. Playstyles differ.


Far different in scope though, battleborn also does the PVE side. Including each OP


Sorry guys. My brother thinks he’s a gamer. He took my phone.:joy::joy:


A year, that to me and a lot of others has held and offered and meant some of the most intense, hilarious and rewarding game xperiences ever.



Best. Thread. Ever.


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