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Passive seems weak considering whiskey has the same thing but at 25% damage increase. How about killing an enemy grants +10% damage bonus, +10% movement speed, and +14 points of health damage for 10 seconds. Helps with the self sustained theme of the Jennerit.

Blood howl seems like a bad idea because a push back isn’t good for melee. For a howl ability it could apply a self buff of some sort and debuff enemies. Apply a fear status effect and enemies that are feared deal reduced damage and take more from certain attacks from Fenris.

The bite would be better as a damage source than a stun.(also 3.5 second stun is insanely long for a stun) Deals 133 damage and applies a bleed effect based on how much health they have left. Up to 80 damage over four seconds if at full health. Helix choices later on could include extra 30% damage with Were Bite against feared opponents or life steal on Were Bite.

During Feral Predator, Fenris receives increased Health, Attack speed and Health Regen. Were bite receives a damage bonus and Blood Howl gains increased range and duration on Fear.

Ideas for Helixes:
Unstoppable Hunt: Activating Blood howl increases movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds OR Vicious Predator: Enemies inflicted with fear status effect from Blood Howl take an extra 15% damage from Fenris.

Level five helix: Wolf’s Blood: increase the duration of Unquenchable Thirst by 5 seconds OR Predator’s Fury: Unquenchable thirst increases attack speed by 15% OR(mutation) Uncontrollable Anger: Unquenchable Thirst decreases cooldown time on skills by 15%

Deep Wound: Were Bite applies a heavy slow for 2 seconds OR Beast’s Agility: Allows Fenris to double jump.

Level 10: Apex Predator: All enemies near Fenris are Feared upon activation of Feral Predator OR Unstoppable Bloodlust: Every enemy killed while Feral Predator is active increases the duration, 2 seconds for minor enemies and 5 seconds for major enemies.

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Another Helix:

Terrified Prey: Feared enemies deal 25% less damage to Fenris OR Ready the Pack: Blood howl gives Fenris and nearby allies increased attack speed for 5 seconds +15% attack speed.

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That’s the name of attikuses right ult how about bloodlust

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Were bite seems OP and his ult seems kinda useless. Otherwise good character

There you go

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Also he is a disruptor right?

Their job is to displace the enemy team, prevent team kills and pushes, and occasionally kill a healer or wave clear to upset the enemy’s formation. Attikus is an example, with his silence and super slow ult. Shayne and Aurox can also zone with ult, slow key players, kill dangerous buildable with stealth, and fetch to cancel ults.

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And also, their are different sorts of disruptors and @epicender584 can you help me if I miss some, harassers (S & A being one) are especially good at making whoever singular enemy lives they pick a living hell, attikus is basically the definition of team fight disruptor with Hedronic discharge, pounce, and especially the slow on ult, and ones like ISIC (and I’m going by how I think they meant him to be played) who feels like a literal tank, taking hits to wards and shield (both aegis and reg)and dishing out some great damage (basically disrupts by being serious firepower), for the enemy it feels like a boss battle, sure he is a pain but there is payoff once past all the armor


Fixed, thanks. I made that at 2 in the morning so I might have made a few errors like that.

No problem

I also consider Rath to be a disruptor. He is very good about interrupting people chasing teammates and helping out someone when they get stunned.

I don’t really think he has enough to be consider one, it is just one ability that is more for initiating battle to a battleborn

The way I play him he is. Most people use it to initiate or on someone that is running but it interrupts a lot of skills and disrupts the enemy greatly. I’ve saved a good number of teammates from Ghalt before he lost his stun by knocking him in the air after pulling someone in and interrupted a lot of character’s ults.

It is definitely versatile but it ain’t really enough for me to say it is, it ain’t like an initiating character where only one skill and stats is enough to define them

Agree to disagree then.

Ok, as back to the character, how should his main attack in reach speed and damage

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Attack speed would have to be around the same speed as Shayne’s since he gives himself a buff with Blood Howl. Range would be pretty low since were talking about brass knuckles but higher than Deande’s because he’s built as a brawler not a burst assassin. Damage would have to be high but I can’t think of a base number to go with.

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Batman[quote=“batman59b19, post:1, topic:1548950”]

  • Unstopppable Hunt: Activating Blood Howl increases speed by 20% for 5 seconds

Movement speed not attack speed. Otherwise the helix loses the point of it’s choice since both increase damage output.

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Giving melee characters range works out a lot of the time but for the other choice I would change it to something else. Give me a second to think about it. Also you missed another helix I mentioned

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