Sorry, you're probably all going to be jealous

I recently got a late X-Mas present by my 11 year old niece :blush: !
Isn’t this the badassest of presents :grinning: ?

It says “Merry Christmas Uncle Fredo”
and then signed by my niece : Ornella !


That is class, i’d say you’re one proud uncle, that is my kind of present too, well thought out, heartfelt and not expensive or materialistic garbage.

Fair play to her a young aspiring artist in the making :+1:


Ha cool thanks :grinning: !

Im not jealous, honestly not one bit :tired_face:

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c est super mimi. Very cute I was expecting some usual ‘I killed Wotan solo m4 in 5 s with a white weapon cause game too easy’ nice suprise


Very nice! My daughter is an artist as well. It’s nice receiving this type of gift! The best!


Thanks for the kind words guys :blush: !

A little more details about the moment of the gift : my niece was looking super worried when she handed me the present. She was looking at me with like “fear” sort of. I was puzzled but I took the gift and looked at it and of course instantly recognized Moze : “Ooooooh !!! Moooooze !!!”
My niece was beaming, she was so happy ! So proud !


So when is she drawing me my Zane ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :grin: did you frame it or hang it up anywhere cool, or is it locked away in a super safe place for them special moments down memory lane