Sort by Rarity!

Although being able to sort by weapon ranking is OK, I preferred being able to sort inventory by rarity way more (like you could in previous games). I’d really like to see this come back since I find it a bit of a hassle trying to sort through weapons and favorite/junk items for sale (with the current sorting options). It’s also not as satisfying to look at. Is this already a thing or just me? Just me? Okay…


Yes I would love to see a sort by rarity option. Trying to scroll through a full sized backpack is just annoying to find one gun you know you have to fight a particular enemy.

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Also need Sort by Value. for when you’re playing through the campaign, a have a full pack and need to know what to drop.


I’d rather sort by Fluttershy… wait, what?

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That been my biggest problem when I started this game and I don’t think it has a category for weapon types too which I wanna use. Probably would help when I have 2 or more same gear I want to compare right next to each other and not like 2 scroll down apart due to item score

@jgartenbenz I love that post XD

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