Sort by type does not work when selling items

When I try to sell items, sorting the inventory by type does not work. I keeps the items sorted by score. Sort by type seems to work in normal inventory view.

Anyone else has the same problem?


Happening to me as well. When selling and depositing into the Bank. Main menu inventory works fine. Just copies the “Rank by Score”


Yeah happens to everyone I know, assume it’ll be a fix shortly. Makes comparing when selling annoying!


I filed a bug report to 2k and got the following reply:

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and all the patience you have shown so far! We’re experiencing a huge amount of requests at the moment and that is why we were not able to respond to you sooner.

Regarding the issue that you’re mentioning , I would like to inform you that we’re more than grateful for the information you have provided us with! I will add it to our bug reports and, if not already, the developers will prepare a solution to it once they will get informed!

In the meantime, feel free to express any other question or concern you might have! I will be more than happy to assist in any way possible!


For what it’s worth if you sort by manufacturer at least all the class mods end up together since they have no manufacturer that helps a bit.

YES!! This is a real pain! It’s a few more steps but I have been comparing and marking the stuff I want to dump in personal inventory as junk then going into the vendor and “sell all junk”. Still tough to compare stuff you want to buy though. Need a fix!


Also the fact they stripped out sort by resale value ugh


Yea I’m getting the same problem and hope they fix this small problem. Would help making selling more easy.


Sorting by type doesn’t work for me at all in both the ammo dump, or the main backpack. I never realized that such a small feature would affect the way I played the game. Is also really difficult to see what type of weapons I have since they do not have an auto grouping feature. It’s hard for me to distinguish what type of gun I have since they all have icons but no labels. Please fix the sort by type! You make it have what used to be in Borderlands 2.

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I’ve got it to work a little by changing to sort then back to type and they did seem to fix it in backup least for me anyway.

Still not its an issue in the bank and some other small areas. I just haven’t bothered to document them it sucks but it’s workable. So i haven’t cared to suss it all out plus as i have said before gearbox doesn’t pay me to debug their games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same thing I see on my end too. I hope they fix this soon!

As of this post and the day’s hotfixes the types are not sorting correctly in the Sell section when using vending machines. :frowning: Backpack sorting is working.

I never had a sort problem in my backpack. the issue has been with vendors (not just selling. it’s EVERYWHERE in the vendors) and the bank. the bank nor the vendors change when switching between score and type. they are always listed by score.

over a month later and it is still an issue.

Hateful waste of time trying to sort out the value of guns in the backpack all the time. It also means I make more mistakes trying to discard or trade a gun away. Hey – 1000s are putting up with this dozens of times a day. Please fix it. We’d prefer to play the game than fight with the UI problem.

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Sorting is bugged in the BANK, and on SELL in ALL Vending Machines. I see this everywhere on Twitch Live Streams Just Spent 2 Weeks jumping thru hoops with Gearbox Support and finally got them to move this to Developers yesterday. Real PITA when trying to cull items in Bank due to limited space.

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that’s why I stopped reporting issues to them and went for social media. every single time I submit something to 2K, I get an auto response asking for all of the information I already sent in that form that generated the auto response! more power to those who have the patience to fight with them, though.

Yes, it’s incredible. The basic functionality broken (in this case: “the sorting bug in the vending machines” since the game’s release), reported many times (I saw countless reports from users here, on Reddit and other soc. media about submitting the ticket), yet nothing happened. Even the indie games with just one developer have often better support than this AAA title. :frowning:

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Wow, Im surprised they didnt suggest you try to
-clear your cache
-use an older save file

  • reinstall the game,

which was exactly the advice given to me when I logged a bug for the ps4 no-trash/fave-toggle.

Yep I’m having the same problem and it is making comparing weapons a pain. Also won’t let me mark weapons as junk in the field. I have to be at a vender to change the status to junk or star it.