Sort by Type/Manufacturer does not function in the Bank

Title says it all. It’s a bug I noticed this morning


Don’t worry about that, as your bank inventory will be gone anyway eventually.Just happened to me, so I highly recommend to keep your essential items on your character, no matter what.

Had issues in vending machines too.
Not only the sorting doesn’t work but sometimes items pic does not correspond to the item. Almost accidentally sold some important gear but found out in time to buy it back.

Ive had an ongoing ticket (since week 2) in for it and all they keep telling need to do is to clear cache. They asked for a video via email, and I sent it weeks ago. Haven’t heard anything. Ive even told them its happening on ALL of mine and my boyfriends systems. That’s a total of 4! 1 of each at each house (OneX and OneS), on completely different ISP, both very fast speeds. Super frustrated. If they just tried what I told them, they would see. It’s obvious they haven’t.

Has this been fixed. It still does it