Sorting gear into what they specifically do

Getting more gear is great, and while we can already sort it into type, activation cost, newest etc, it’s becomes a bit of a problem. The more gear I get, the more frustrating it becomes finding what I want.

I wish there was a way to arrange/sort gear into what they specifically do. Group all the gear that only has health regeneration, epic to rare. Sort all the gear that only have heal power, from legendary onward. It would save me a lot of time scanning through all 150 gear items I have, seeing which items have the minimum stats of, say, skill damage whilst my eyes begin to glaze over.

Yes, we can sort them into GEAR TYPE - but I’m talking about the minimum stats here. A lot of the gear types have minimum stats that do, for example, attack damage and skill damage. I would want to see which gear has the minimum stat of skill damage.

For example, say you had all 159 gear items but you wanted to see which ones had health regeneration, you would be able to sort it so that only health regeneration items show up (with the others blacked out or missing).

Now that you’ve narrowed all 159 items into a small group of, say, 20, you can now figure out which ones you want to use.


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I like the idea, but maybe to make the “sort by” list a bit shorter we could have a sort by secondary stat option and then cross between sorting my type and that to find the exact gear loadout we want. I know I’ve been wanting something like that for when I play non-Deande characters and I can’t find the gear with - recoil secondaries or whatever it may be.

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That’s a better way to explain what I was trying to say. It seems like a logical choice to have when it comes to gear. I focus more on secondary stats that the actual main stats.

Creating a filter by stat impacted is a common sort/filter option in other games. I’d love to see it implemented here.

I’d love to see this in-game. Best way to suggest it to Gearbox would probably be to send them a ticket through support, as this one has been brought up many a time and there is still no comment on whether or not it could be added.

BUT! In the mean time, Lowlines site does do exactly this, and more, so I suggest everyone use that for the time being;