Sorting needs an upgrade

Half the fun for me is collecting guns but in the storage I can’t browse them in any convenient way. Anyone familiar with Excel knows there’s a lot more to sorting. The storage needs:

  • Sorting by level requirement
  • Classmods grouped by character type
  • Different versions of the same classmod should always be grouped together
  • Different versions of the same artifact should always be grouped together
  • Different versions of the same gun should always be grouped together

Also fun:

  • Sorting by elemental / non elemental

Thank you


I whole heartedly agree.

In fact, I’m to to point of considering giving up on the locker and just making dedicated characters with dedicated gear. Of course there’s the problem that the game has way too much gear (my Jakobs Amara’s backpack is full with few COM, shield, grenade and relic choices).

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Totally agree! And imagine how cool a search feature in the bank would be! Those of us who main different classes would really benefit from this

Having a huge bank is nice, but honestly I don’t think I ever use 99% of the items I put there. I totally get that there are people out there who feel the need to hoard items and would like better ways to filter and sort through them.


We need keyword searches in addition to specific filters such as Class (for COMs and anoints) and Element. Base gear sorting like @daiti7381 mentioned.

And I want load-out lockers, so I can store gear and “skill templates” to quickly swap out builds.

Good luck with that.
It was a mistake to have such a large shared storage be the Only storage, and as the bank grows sorting becomes a chore.

The game has been out far too long now for them to bother with such QOL (easily implemented) features.

We get what we’re given, like it or lump it, choose your vernacular.

Just thinking of all the little qol things left out in this game is depressing.

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To be fair, the number of QoL improvements this game has over 2 is significant but not being able to better sort a locker that can hold 400 some odd bits of random gear is clinically insane. Insane I say!

You have the right idea but there is a more elegant solution and it doesn’t include sorting at all. They just need to add a search filter that allows you to search for any item name or item card stat. Then you can sort however you want on the fly. Want to see all your Woodblockers ( for easy deleting LUL)? Type Woodblocker and there ya go. Want to see all corrosive items? Type corrosive. Boom. Want to see all items with ASE anointments? You get the idea.

I really don’t get why this is so hard. It’s text FFS. Search for text can’t be that difficult. Path of Exile does it and that game is F2P.

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Like what? Eridium is now auto-pickup? It was funny to see THAT thing getting cheer and applause at one of the first BL3 presentations - a thing that was done by a fanmade community patch for two previous games.

The only nice ‘new’ thing I’d say is the ability to fast travel from the map.

I remember people were constantly asking for skip cutscene and dialogue button ever since the days of The-Presequel, because that game has more talking than BL2 did, and to make matters worse, it often made you stop, stand and wait for dialogue to finish so the script can progress further. It took a few months to implement “skip custscene” ability in BL3!! There’s still no skip dialogue button. People asked for better UI, they got even worse one; people asked for tracking multiple missions, and you still can’t do that, etc…

All of that makes me think that they are either not aware of such feedback, or just chose to ignore it.

Lol, you replied to me but quoted another user.

I’m with you about the QOL features. BL2 Reborn has had them for ages.