Soul Sap and Phasegrasp

Does Soul Sap do anything if you are using Phasegrasp (aside from on bosses where it does damage instead)?

In a semi-related story…is phasegrasp worth using on bosses for the damage it does instead or is it best to switch to another AS for bosses like Phasecast?

Not for basic Phasegrasp. Fist over Matter does and for the shared damage on Ties that Bind. Whether or not shared damage counts as action skill damage can be a bit inconsistent but but it does provide healing.

Other than Fist over Matter and Ties that Bind which both have their uses on bosses depending on build, basic Phasecast is going to be better.

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Are you saying the damage you do shooting linked mobs with ties that bind triggers soul sap?

Yes, it does, kinda. It won’t trigger off of gun damage you deal to a grasped target but the damage that gets transferred through TTB’s links as those count as action skill damage.

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Interesting. How did anyone figure that out? o.O

Looks like I don’t have to test this out because I was wondering the same thing so I guess if you use the nimbus cloud it would also heal you

there is no reason to use another ability on bosses, Grasp has the fastest cool down so it will proc your other skills like helping hands more often,

I feel like this game is different on each platform. On PS4 with Ties that Bind on a single target with no other enemies attached, I get the little health things flying back at me from the damage to the one target.

It’s just like how Glamour works differently on PS4 than PC. Or how console can’t activate Mayhem modes. It feels like two different games were made.

Bugs everywhere eventually everything will get fixed hopefully and it will be one game

That also works on PC, I just forgot to mention it. Not sure why it happens since standard Phasegrasp didn’t do that when I tested it some time ago. Maybe because the initial grasped target is linked to itself for some reason. It’s weird.

Could test and count the damage. If the grasped target is getting 1.35 of total damage?