Soulrender Damage Loss

I think there is another topic on this but the claim there is in is changing outside Hearts Desire (which I have seen) but this has changed even in Hearts Desire,
I loaded up, waited for Hotfixes Applied jumped it, checked my load out and the gun damage on the card dropped from ~2200 to 1311. I turned off all guardian ranks and removed all equipment and confirmed at the range the card damage was the actual damage. I shut down the game, reloaded waited for Hotfixes and reproduced the steps above twice. Third time, card showed the same, went into Hearts Desire and the damage did not change. Farmed Tom and Xam and got another Soulrender (albeit a shock) but it dropped with a 1887 damage so clearly a non-elemental should not have 1311 damage.

Nah those look right, your non element has a fr increase and a scope, typical all those stats very from gun parts on drops. Welcome to bls, and im pretty sure “trained” is full auto, the other is semi auto, so that will def make the difference in per/bullet dmg

Nope, after a full restart of the Xbox here is the same gun with the ~2200 dmg and, again, confirmed the card damage is fight at the firing range.

My experience is that the non-elemental versions always have higher damage.

From what I’ve read, this is a bug with the Soulrender that’s been happening since release of DLC 2.

There are a couple of things that mysteriously change their stats like this, with no apparent cause. All I can suggest to OP is filing a bug report with those screen shots and details; hopefully, with enough information, the cause can be identified.