Soulrender now god tier

This gun is too good, I mean when shoot over everyone’s head but the skulls still clap everything then it’s op. This gun is now a must have in you’re inventory don’t sleep on it.

it is not like we already do not have stupidly broken ars like monarch an breath of dying weather you toss in one more gun in there or not is not even relevant for mobbing there are plenty kaos claps clair claps so is it too good? the question is are they all too good or not


Apparently it’s alright now. /s
How do they judge buffs? It can’t be by usage data.

Oi GBX. Give the HIVE a 300% buff so my Iron cub and rocket launcher build can play itself while I sleep. Xx

Cheers team. Having a new baby reduces my play time considerably. :smiley:


and clairvoyance… well… is there something above god tier? :sweat_smile:

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Above God tier? Yeah, the Plasma Coil.


LOL at @Sigred_Caewyn.

What we have in this game are two tiers of weapons:

  1. Weapons that have been buffed by GBX or that were released with DLCs; and

  2. Base game weapons or DLC weapons that have not been buffed.

If the weapon falls into #2, there is a high likelihood that the weapon will not be featured in anyone’s endgame, M10/11 build. Even if the weapon falls into class #1, there is still a decent chance that the weapon will not be featured in anyone’s endgame, M10/11 build, but there is at least the possibility of it being useful. Having a whole class of weapons that really are not usable at endgame, is not a great look.

This was an issue with BL2 as well in the OP levels, but not nearly to the extent that the issue exists in BL3.


You have your finger on something here. To me, the primary failure on GBX’s part is how they dealt with the weapons and their drop rates.

Soulrender was already top tier. So was the clairvoyance and hydrafrost.

Super odd choices for buffs. I’m scratching my head here.


Same here :thinking:

Frankly surprised they didn’t include the ION CANNON

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