Sound and cut scenes never are in sync

Ever since I bought the game, every cutscene’s audio And visuals have never aligned together right. The audio is always just 3 seconds or more off from the visuals. I thought it was a temporary fluke that can easily get patched. But now that Moxxxi’s Heist dlc was released and multiple patches later the problem hadn’t been corrected and audio still isn’t matching. I dunno if anyone else is having a problem with this or of its because it’s running on a disc and not downloaded fully from the ps network. But am I just gonna have to live with this?

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I had similar issues, but only when I was minimizing to Desktop few times prior scenes (was recording with AMD Adrenalin and it was constantly losing focus).

Anyway, since I was recording I can now see that the audio signal simply had a lag, as the audio is in sync with the video on the captured footage itself.

I play on the ps4 and don’t stream. So I can’t relate lol but there’s been alot of things that’ll either crash the game or freeze or stall the game. Things like opening up my echo device will suddenly freeze the game for up to 30 seconds everytime i play. And if I had a team they would freeze up and then leave my game. I never complained much about that but when Ember introduced herself it just looked off because her voice came late in the animation

Well good luck finding someone relating in your case…at the PC section.

I play ps4 and have had this happen after the boss fight withtroy

Yup, I’m on (Se)xbox and its happened with Troy, Tyreen and the intro to Moxxi’s heist. I think it happens when the game loads in the background while trying to play a cutscene. Example “Use the Drop Pod” to start the Moxxi heist, it’ll play the cutscene but be loading in the background which causes a slight lag.

At least thats what I think is causing the problem anyway.