Sound Bug (Voices)


im having a blast with the Borderlands remastered version right now.
Thanks for the remastered version.

Sadly i have a sound bug which prevents me from hearing any NPC talk.
It only appear to the npc directly for the ones that call you over the ECHO net it works fine. It also seems, according to google, that this problem occurs to other people aswell. atleast on the PS4.

Any suggestion on how to fix that?

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I’ve got the same problem and a host of other audio issues as well e.g. Inconsistent volume, hollow voices that sound like they’re in mono with no bass, voices dropping out entirely, inaudible voices that have subtitles but no sound, loud popping sounds from my speakers when the audio bugs out, Echo logs that have sound but no picture and/or sound. The only way these problems will be fixed, is if Gearbox/Blind Squirrel Games issue a patch specifically targets them but until then - all we can do is wait and put up with the problems :frowning:.

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i contacted the support and they are aware of the problem.
lets hope for a bug fix.