Sound bugs with weapons and vehicles

is anyone else experiencing consistent sound bugs with weapons and vehicles since the patch? because i am

What platform? I haven’t noticed any audio issues on XB1 (but the lower volume on the 2K and GBX logos is very much appreciated!).

Also, co-op or solo?

I play on Xbox 1x and constantly have issues with vehicle sound disappearing :frowning:

What are you using for sound - separate sound system, built-in speakers on a TV, headphones…?

Same issue on Xboe One X, very annoying and if it happens i need to exit to dashboard and restart game to fix.

Tv speakers, no problems with any other games though. Also did the Cistern of Slaughter other night with two friends, we failed on end of round four. When we dropped back into arena we all had the same really loud static feedback sound, it was so bad we had to quit the match.

If it happens again in the same spot, it would probably be helpful to drop in a support ticket. I don’t think there’s too much from a used end that can be done. I’m guessing most the sound issues described in this thread have been in co-op?