Sound cutting out constantly

I have the OG model PS4 with a PS Platinum headset. While playing this game, the sound statics out for a moment, sound cuts out for a few seconds, statics back in. Happens about every 10 seconds or so. Very frustrating. This is the only game I’ve had this issue with.

There is a sound bug in the game atm in Eden 6

Not in Eden 6, currently on Pandora

It happens to me every time i go to Promethius or Eden 6 mainly. I love the game but it is very annoying.

I fired up Amazon music (not on the PS4) to listen to as I played through with half the sounds broken. Then the sound came back. lol

I have had lots of sound issue with this game. I do have all captions on so at least I can read what is going on. Sometimes I restart the game but more and more I don’t bother.