Sound cutting out in BL2 THC

I bought the handsome jack collection a few days ago and have been playing it. the sound has cut out on me nigh entirely in the tundra express and bloodshot stronghold. usually it is within a few minutes into the level where i only get a drone of soft noise and the occasional sound will pop up like a varkid chirp or the random gun shot. it wouldnt bug me much except for these are areas where you spend a decent amount of time running around doing quests or challenges. mostly just writing this as a heads up and wondering if anyone else has had any similar issues.

I’ve had parts of the sound cut out on me, but never to the extent you describe. Is the sound OK on other games on your system? If so, and the audio settings in the game options menu don’t seem to be randomly changing, you might want to check out the knowledge base at If there’s nothing similar listed there, you can file a support ticket at the same site.

yes, I get sounds/music cutting out in those areas. also holy spirits bar.

Last night I was getting sound cut out in the exact same spots. Definitely annoying, but not gamebreaking.

Unless you were trying to listen for pods. Ugh.

I’ve had sound cutting out three times now while in a party game. Only way to get it back is to fully exit the game and go back in. This has also happened with friends who were playing in the same game as me. This never happened with the PS4 version I played, and then there the no games found issue. I’m angry!


This happens to me when I play co-op for extended periods of time. Just get to a good save point and restart the game