Sound delay with athena

I’ve been experiencing severe sound delay. It started today when I was fighting The Sentinel as Athena. There would often be a delay in sound of about 5 seconds (e.g. firing my anarchist pistol and 5 seconds later actually hearing the noise). It would usually begin when I activated the aspis or fired my shotgun or pistol. I could understand if it was just lag, however after the fight was done (the sound would still lag afterward anyway) and I had saved and quit, it would start again as soon as I started a new session and went straight to Concordia or somewhere else. The only thing that seems to fix it is quitting the game completely then restarting. I play solo and this doesn’t happen with my other games.

Happend to me once aswell. Not sure what the cause is, and I can’t remember if it happend when I played as Athena or Nisha.

I’m a little more convinced now that its something to do with the Sentinel fight. Played for an hour and a half a little while ago using Athena again but didn’t fight him. I farmed Iwajira for a bit then reset UVHM (I am not ready to fight ECLIPSE at level 62, learnt that the hard way lol). Absolutely no problem with the audio in that session :L