Sound glitch 4 player couch co-op

Hello! My family and I finally got round to getting some extra controllers to play 4 player but we’re having a serious problem with the sound… it pretty much ends up silent because the sound bugs out to nothing so (even though the husband and I are borderlands vets) we’re missing all the dialogue, can’t here when people are dying / using action skills, can’t hear buzzards (which is imperative btw) and get no sense if direction as to where bullets are coming from etc etc. We are coping but it’s incredibly offputting, we were all looking forward to playing together just to have this ruin the fun. Anyone else having this problem / know how to fix it. Rebooting the game only helps for a few mins and it happens in all areas / zones. Any help welcome or better still a patch to permafix it would be amazing!!

That is strange. Try submitting a support ticket. They may be able to help you troubleshoot.

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Thank you I will. Saw a few people getting affected too but on other forums so I figured coming here was best