Sound glitch? Looking at character speaking lowers their volume

Greetings. I have played for about 13 hours without any problems. Then when I started a new character all of the sounds of looking at “insert character” or even lootboxes glitch. It lowers the volume while looking at them.

Have uninstalled and re-installed aswell.


same for me, it really breaks the story for me
sometimes i cant hear what npcs are saying in cutscenes
any1 got a solution?

also i cant hear echo disks
for example there is no sound for the disks on sanctuary about zane, moze, amara, fl4k

I’m having the same issue. It’s especially bad in split screen. As the second player I literally can’t hear anything and there’s no subtitles if the first player is in a menu.

i am having this issue as well, have to turn to the side to hear characters all the time and echo logs (or whatever theyre called in this borderlands) dont come through at all, the music just gets quieter. any help would be appreciated!

Same here, it’s super annoying! Weird how it only happened after while. It might be the second character like you said.

I have played about with the settings and can’t seem to fix it. You mentioned reinstalling, has anyone tried to delete the config files or similar?

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exactly this problems @TwoFaceFear
i got 100% the same issues

okay, i think i figured it out, in BL3 open the audio menu and turn spacial sound to disabled, then open your audio settings in windows and go to your headphone properties (or whatever device youre using for audio) click on the spacial sound tab. turn on “windows sonic for headphones”, click apply, then turn it back off and click apply again. that just fixed it for me. hope this helps you guys out as well!


this just fixed it for me

glad to hear its workin for people

You’re the man! This was ruining the game for me tbh. So thankful that there’s a fix!

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I get the opposite, when I look at them I hear them normally. But if I look away, just turn, haven’t moved any distance, the sound would be significantly lowered as if they were talking to me far away

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@shinryux666 I’m assuming you tried the fix anyway? It sounds like it would be the same bug, just happening in a different way

I have the same as you @shinryux666 If I look directly at, all good, but look any direction, or try to move around nothing, like I have to sit still to hear any dialog, not fun at all. Havn’t tried the fix yet, I will, when I can get back Into the game since it has another bug now.

thanks man totally fixed the problem. :slight_smile:

Thx helped a lot.

Fixed. Huge help