Sound Issues BL3 PS4

Hello, I have been having issues with Sound on the PS4 for BL3 for several weeks now. Either I cant hear the dialogue during a cutscene, after a cutscene, I cant hear people talk when I interact with them. I also cant hear gun sounds, grunts, explosions, blood sounds, etc. AT ALL. My volume on tv is fine, when I play another game I have sound, when I go to the PS4 homepage I have sound, when I go to Netflix on my PS4, I have sound. It’s not just on one VH either, it happens to ALL my VH. Does anyone know of a fix, or is Gearbox working on a fix? It drives me nuts not hearing any sounds, it’s kind of like the outer space sounds in the Pre-Sequel. So, can someone help ornis Gearbox fixing this? Do Gearbox read these?

Sounds issues are one of those things that seem to affect different people differently even on the same platform - some see very limited or no issues and others have more.

You may want to try the usual PS4 trouble shooting steps if you haven’t done so - clearing the cache, rebuilding the database, clearing and reinstalling the game files (but make sure you keep the save files!)

You can also file a support ticket with 2K (link in the pinned post at the top of this section). Note that they’ll probably ask up to try the same things as well.

Since the last hotfix I have noticed the sound going missing during a reload from time to time usually missing the first half of the first reload after a fight. Subsequent reloads sound normal.

For me, had that happen once I think, but otherwise it’s vehicle sound when you spawn from the CaR and only on certain maps. And not all the time either - those sorts of issues are the worst, since they’re so unpredictable.

UGH shudders remembering electronic system fault finding where intermittent or reflected fault symptoms were the devilspawn. :rage:

I can live with gapping sound, let GB focus on the leading issues. :wink:

for some reason when i slide , the left sound tend to louder than right

My sound would frequently cut out on load, and reload didn’t always help.
Sometimes it was just the background or foreground audio. Other times, the entire thing would be silent. Ridiculous.
Played on PS4.