Sound Issues in Tiny Tina Dlc

So my sounds keeps cutting out in the lair of Infinite Agony. My phaselock is completely silent when I actuvate it and when it engages enemies and some random stuff like the music as well. This is the first time im experiencing this issue in BL2. Is this a common issue or is this something on my end? Im on Ps4 and it only started happening once I got to the lair.

I’ve not had issues in that specific area but sound bugs are fairly common in this game. There’s one in Tundra Express, for example.

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I think its something to do with lag cuz I played for such a long period of time yesterday. It felt very laggy the whole time and I lost most of my sound besides weapons and nade sounds.

I’m having the same issue on Xbox One. It happens right after I kill all the spiders in the area that has a drop into shallow water. I’m playing Maya, and I think it might have to do with her phaselock. The dialogue sound cuts out completely. So I don’t hear her talking, or jump groans , etc. I also can’t hear the mobs talking, etc. It gets fixed after I sign out, and sign back in, but then I start back at the spawn point in the level, and have to fight all the creatures all over again. My Xbox is using the default stereo settings to my samsung tv.