Sound keeps cutting out

Lately I’ve been experiencing sound issues in my game. Like for example, it won’t play certain characters voices, gunfire will be muffled or all the sound effects will just stop playing. It happens randomly. It first started when I was on Eden-6 and I fast traveled to Knotty Peak to turn in a mission to Wainwright Jakobs. Everything would just go quiet as if the volume on the tv was off, but some sounds were still playing. So I left the game and re-entered and it fixed it. But the issue has gotten a lot worse. It happens a lot more frequently and a lot of the time leaving the game and re-entering doesn’t even fix it anymore. I can’t even hear BALEX’s voice on Sanctuary at all, even if all the other sounds are still working. It’s like certain characters voices were just straight up lost. Because of it, I have to read subtitles. It’s also very annoying when I’m fighting enemies and all the sound effects just randomly stop working and the gunfire from my gun sounds very muffled. The game is very fun but this issue has been taking away my enjoyment with the game. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Has anyone else experienced this problem and does anyone know how to fix it? Any help would be kindly appreciated.


I too am having this same problem. It gets very annoying when I’m just trying to sit down and play the game, and I can’t even hear what is going on in the story.

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Yeah this is obnoxious. Gearbox please fix this. I know this is sad, but when this happens I actually want to snap the disc in half. It’s that frustrating and I’m sure anyone experiencing this agrees 1000%. BALEX is the funniest s*** ever and it’s making me lose MY s*** when I can’t hear him say s***. You feel?

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I also just started experiencing this, it’s beyond irritating