Sound muted when facing audio source in game

I don’t know if a hotfix caused this or what but I can’t hear anyone speak when I face them but if I turn my character right I can hear out of the TV left speaker and when I turn left I can hear out of my right speaker. Sound effects and music work fine but speech does not.

Anyone else experiencing this? I am on a ps4. This didn’t happen about a week ago, all sounds came out of both speakers. Also experiencing echoing in certain spots when characters speak.

Anyone else got this problem? Don’t see any settings on the ps4 or bl2 where I can change this.

I have experienced that when I farted around with center channel speaker options. I’m on PC, and I don’t recall if it was when I turned it on or off (for example), but this setting wasn’t in the game itself (somewhere between Windows’ sound controls, Sound Blaster’s sound controls, and my receiver’s sound controls).

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Thanks, I reset my audio settings on the TV and all is well now.