Sound stutter/crackling in the menu's or stopping altogether

This is a huge issue for me and happens everytime.

When I start the game up, right when the signing-in begins, all sound will start to stutter/crack and sometimes stop altogether. This problem does not persist when I am in a match, it only happens in the main menu and during the sign-in menu. I’ve checked and this happens with both my internal and external sound card, as well on a Creative SB headset wich has it’s own usb interface.
When I am in a skype/TS call with others, that sound also fails, and people claim they can then sometimes hear MY pc sound output through THEIR speakers. I play various other games online with either skype or TS on and this has never happened on any other game.
I wonder if other people experience the same problems, and if there is something I can do, or if this is a known issue maybe?
I am on windows 7 x64, 8gb, HD7850.