Sounds/Effects and Mayhem 4

Something I’ve been noticing now that I’m playing M4 more frequently is the way sounds and some effects can become just way too much. I know a lot of people have mentioned that the visual clutter is a bit much at times with all the particle effects, especially that of anointed and badass enemies. Which really needs a lot of work. The game runs pretty well on my pc, but if two anointed maniacs show up then my fps just tanks immediately with teleport/orb spam.

But something else that I’ve noticed is the sounds some enemies make and impact from bullets and it’s driving me a little crazy and wanna know what other people think. The sounds and screen shakes from impacts are a little obnoxious honestly. Even when I run, mantle slide to cover there are still a lot of enemies on screen with at least one line of sight on me and that constant impact sound and screen shake is just ridiculous, god forbid the enemy has some kind of high rate of fire weapon. I do understand that it’s there as a form of soft punishment for taking damage to encourage taking cover and to make it harder to face tank enemies, but it’s a bit much in my opinion. I’d love it if it could be toned down some because it can be more blinding/deafening than the particle effects sometimes and I end up going down cause I can’t aim half the time, especially in ffyl.

Another thing that’s more of a lesser nuisance than anything is the enemy screams. Enemies can take a little while longer to kill on M4, and because of that some enemies screams on taking damage are just annoying. Remember the Troy dot scream that got hotfixed out? It’s like that but on several mobs all screaming simultaneously. The cyclone type enemies are especially bad because they have this grating, high pitched wail that’s so obnoxious which is fine in lesser difficulties for the most part cause they can be taken out relatively quickly. On M4 with 3 health bars though they are like the world’s worst siren constantly blaring. Hopefully those sounds can be toned down in the future in the same way Troy was dealt with.

What do guys think? Am I just being nitpicky or have any of you noticed it as well? What other sounds/effects get on your nerves that you’d like to see dealt with?

They addressed this, no (or are you talking about something else?) I haven’t had those Badass Zealots with the launchers bury my screen for some time now.

So many variables here - what’s your resolution and expected framerate (and how much eye candy is on/off)?

I know exactly what you mean about the sound effects sounding distorted. Happens a lot when I use the Brainstormer or Redistributer. It also happens nearly everytime a shieled Maliwan trooper reflects something back at me. It’s as if the game is being held together with rubber bands and glue haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I run it on smoothed 22-60 fps with most if not all of the bells and whistles turned off or tuned low on a middle tier rig, ram is my main bottleneck with only 16gb. And don’t get me wrong, in combat the game runs incredibly well and is great it’s just when those handful of enemies appear that the fps can take a major dip. And iirc the hotfix dealt with badass zealots spawning exclusively with rocket launchers, they still spawn with them just not as high a rate. I could be wrong, but I thought I’ve seen them still spawn with launchers. It’s not really a major complaint from me though, just an acknowledgement of current visual issues that a lot of people struggle with or have struggled with. It’s my sound points mainly on M4 that are my concern.

Edit: I believe my fps troubles lie mainly when using the brainstormer along with all the other enemies. When they’re are no anointed around, I have no trouble with it.

This doesn’t seem like a bottleneck? BL3 is only sitting on 3-4GB of system RAM and maybe 6 video RAM.

I think they alternate spawns (one with, one without, one with, etc.), but haven’t futzed around enough to confirm.

I have a Brainstormer, but haven’t really sunk my teeth into it… will see if I notice lags when using it. When you say sound, like, too many things are trying to produce sound at once? The volume gets out of whack?

The main content of the post is not in regards to performance. The rest of my post is about m4 and the sounds and effects that I personally don’t enjoy and the fact that they become more troublesome as the difficulty increases.

Right, but troublesome… volume issues? Too many things going on at once (where not everything should make sound)? Quality issue? Antagonizing timbre?

The screen shake and impact sound when being shot. And the screams of enemies being like Troy’s pre-hotfix, now that enemies on m4 can take much longer to kill.

Is it different in MM4 than the other levels, or is it just more prevalent because we get shot more? :laughing:

I think because we got shot more, mainly cause the trash mobs down go down as quickly. Could be as simple as git gud honestly, but it can be really frustrating trying to aim when my camera looks like a punching bag lol