Sounds - fight - PvP and Feedback

The text is translated -I hope you understand me

Sounds Pvp
I want a better sound feedback when incomming damage.Im 1v1 I realize not when a second player shoots at me .

An example.
I fight Phoebe and Benedict shooting at me . I do not hear Benedict . I play myself Banedict have the rockets the right sound . Same feeling I have at Orendi . I see his skill ( Shadowfire Pillar ) but hardly hear him . I Games Orendi myself I hear the sound . Same with Marquise . I die and do not mind the Sniper.

Sounds menu
If I can only express my button G hear sound . I would be glad if I can hear the sound of the other .

VS screen
The VS screen one sees both teams .
if the character come from right and left , there is no sound