Source Filmmaker Models

Or more to the case as to why we don’t have any yet.

You can pretty much get OW models without any trouble. Try searching for BB stuff on the SFM Workshop? The only thing I got coming up was a pack of voice clips for Thorn.

Could someone get around to getting us some models so we can make some fan animations (or maybe GBX could release some!), because I know someone who would love to be able to do that (ME!).

Other assets, like voice lines, would be nice too, but one thing at a time I guess


There’s tools associated with working on content from Unreal Engine games, but I don’t think the developers worked out the format with Battleborn yet.

There was huge demand for OW models, because well… remember the whole controversy of some people profiting from creating certain, prolific content, from OW models?

Not being someone who knows the ins and outs of Unreal stuff, could you explain what that actually means? :S

As I understand it, the data used to display models in-game has been specially prepared for quick, efficient use by the game engine, then compressed into specialized files, typically with the .upk extension.

In order to get them to a state usable by 3D animation software such as SFM, other software is required to extract the separate components of the model (meshes, textures, et cetera), which are then reassembled in a way that SFM can understand. On a side note, this typically involves throwing away some of the finer components of the 3D model, thanks to the limitations of the Source engine.

What hungrypot is saying is that the tools haven’t been updated to understand the newer format Battleborn is using, so the content can’t be extracted.

Furthermore, extracting and manipulating said content is technically illegal. While you possess the right to play the Battleborn until you pass out, manipulating the content outside of the game engine is against the terms you agreed upon when installing the game, even if you’re not doing it for profit.

Of course, lots of things that could technically be deemed illegal are prolific on the internet, such as fanart. There’s a delicate relationship between content creators and fans, so the cease and desist letters only seem to get sent out when fans are perceived as being disrespectful of the characters, and/or when they use the imagery for profit–i.e. the Overwatch scenario.

But even that brouhaha was short-lived, most likely because the amount of money SFM animators are pulling in via Patreon pales in comparison to the amount it would cost to put a definitive legal stop to their actions. Blizzard would also be tried in the Court of Public Opinion, resulting in a verdict that they are mean ol’ buzzkill bullies and poop heads.

I can see it from both sides. Fans love having a digital toybox of action figures to manipulate, and game data extraction is the gateway to modding, which can be beneficial. Manipulating professional model work can also be an excellent learning tool.

On the other hand, these models are something the game’s developers have spent years of their lives bringing to life, from early design stages to meticulous rigging and texturing. Fans that extract that stuff and say “mine, now” are flirting with severe levels of disrespect, especially when they make questionable modifications.

For example, imagine if someone found a way to make an exact copy of the Mona Lisa using any computer, down to the brush stroke. They decide to paint over her body to make it look like she is wearing a string bikini, hang it in a gallery near the Louvre, and go around telling everyone they have improved the painting by making it sexier. Then, when politely asked to take the painting down, they claim their right to display it is protected by laws regarding fair use and parody.

Brave new world.


Well, thanks for the explanation, though I wasn’t after the whole legal rant part…

In all seriousness though, there’s too much of a legal grey area when it comes to this sort of thing, and I’m fairly sure GBX would be happy that more people were creating BB fan content. I mean, you could argue that people uploading gameplay footage to YouTube is technically illegal, because you don’t really “own” that footage.

Yeah, sorry, I just felt like it was worth mentioning to maintain a respectful tone. After all, we’re having this discussion on the official forum of the game’s development studio. I think it’s important to steer things in an informative direction, and away from a request for in-game model extraction.

[quote=“NoobMister, post:5, topic:1542253”]
I mean, you could argue that people uploading gameplay footage to YouTube is technically illegal, because you don’t really “own” that footage.[/quote]

That’s a similar, well-documented situation. The disagreement between game publishers or developers and YouTube content creators that receive advertising revenue from gameplay videos has been been a medium-sized can of worms in recent years. The same goes for Twitch streaming.

Most companies explicitly allow footage to be displayed nowadays, as is the case with Battleborn, last I checked. Others don’t care as long as it doesn’t paint their game in a negative light. Some companies, typically long-standing ones out of Japan, are known to take down gameplay videos in huge, indiscriminate waves, for no clear reason.

Back on SFM, though, I think it’s worth noting that Valve offers the Team Fortress 2 models for fan use in SFM, and I think it would be cool to see other companies follow suit someday, by including access to models in SFM with the purchase of the related game. I imagine there’s a lot of red tape, though. Maybe if they charged extra for it? SFM model DLC? Money does tend to grease the wheels…

Reading your post a second time, my memory was sparked. Go here:

–if you haven’t yet. Click on “Audio”. The “Ringtones” that are listed are actually just audio clips from the game. It’s not all of them, to be sure, but it’s something.

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Thanks for the link. Didn’t know those were there tbh, and yeah, there is only a limited number of them. Kinda wish there was more, and a shame the Benedict pack didn’t come with his “Still flyin’, baby!” line.

Yeah, I guess it is kinda rude of me to ask for something like that on the OFFICIAL forums, but there aren’t very many other places to ask without getting laughed out of the room (too many OW fanboys).

This was also the reason I asked if GBX themselves would release them, but I guess something like that would be pretty low down on their priority list, even if it’s a simple case of port into blender, maybe re-rig the model and then export as source engine models (which can be done), but that would take several hours, which could be used to do other, more important things. Plus, how the hell would you do someone like Toby? Would he be all one model or come as two separate ones? (Y’know, because of his mechsuit)

Also, I seriously doubt they’d charge for the use of the models in SFM. Valve already had a massive backlash when it came to paid mods in Skyrim. Dread to think what the reaction would be like if they started doing that for SFM

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I don’t think it’s rude at all, really. Your intentions are clearly to make fan works for the enjoyment of the community. I just would have phrased it differently, maybe stuck it in the “Fan Creation” section.

I think it’d be a bit of a different scenario. I’ve lurked around SFM sites, and seen complaints regarding models with bad rigging, and how hair and costume pieces are often split into separate entities so that more bones can be manipulated. I’ve also seen work on models be abandoned due to frustration and confusion as to how the model is best ported into SFM.

So I think that most folks porting models into SFM see it as a chore–one that must be completed before they can create their own animations. Time is money, and I think most of them would gladly open their wallet to spare themselves the trouble.

Developers would have access to all the original files, which could include variants better suited for a port to SFM, such as higher-poly ones designed for cutscene animation. I could see paying 15 USD for a pack containing all the characters professionally rigged for SFM, plus some appropriate props and maps.

But that’s idealism talking. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Rebumping this topic to the top of the list, as I’m REALLY eager to make some SFM animations of some BB stuff, but without resources… well, y’know, it’s kinda impossible

Even if it’s a case of “I know a guy who knows a guy that can make 3D models”, is there anyone who can make some SFM models of the BB cast?

PLEASE? :frowning:


I was actually just now looking for some. I guess they haven’t released them yet. Sure wish they would, the character models would be fun to play around with.

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Ya boy’s first forum post… I’m proud :sob:

There are various places around the internet where people have put together some of these characters, but they are often crude and lacking a lot of information that make up a character such as their bones and particle effects that are actually a core part of some characters like Caldarius.

Without his particles, he has no eyes or jetpack burners and he actually looks kind of sad.

There’s also a bunch of information tied to the materials such as colors and reflectivity that is simply lost with most model export projects I’ve seen, requiring the person who wants to use them to rebuild this info from scratch or settle for a less than optimum result.

There is also currently no way to export animations and all DLC characters cannot be exported since they are in encrypted files. :sob:

I was working on a new resource section for my website over the holidays that is aimed at cosplayers and people like yourself wanting to take a crack at fan-made 3d animations but that’s been put on hold until after the Winter Update and the Hunt event I want to do, but depending on what you need I could probably set you up with what you need (within reason).


I know this topic is bit old at this point, but I haven’t been on the forums in a while and just noticed this had four reply’s on it, but anyway.

At least I now know why trying to get these models is so difficult and why there aren’t any around to use. From what @lowlines mentioned, the best thing to do in this case would be to effectively rebuild the missing parts of the models from scratch, which would take flippin’ ages.

Still, I am hopeful that the devs might makes the models readily available for us in some way, so we can port them to SFM and make some pics/animations. I don’t think I need to say how many OW models there are already on the SFm Workshop right now, yet there are no BB ones (a few sound packs, but no models).

They’re probably in SFM format without the blessing of the OW devs. :wink:

I have been making progress on this (I can do animations now and am in the process of loading some of that extra data that normally gets lost), though my focus has been getting them to load up in my web tool. I’ve had issues with exporting to model formats. Maybe eventually I might be able to package enough of a character’s assets into something you could load into SFM, but I wouldn’t wait around hoping for that because this stuff is hard and takes a while to do!


Someone on Steam ported Thorn for Source Filmmaker.

Here is the link:


It was removed by the author ;-;

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Well, that didn’t last long :frowning:

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Good thing I subscribed to it before it was removed.

Edit: I just uploaded it on Google Drive if you want to download it.

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I don’t know who this was, but they are an amazing person for either porting these models or building them from scratch, but we now have SFM models of some Battleborn!

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