Source textures?

Is it possible to extract the remastered textures?
I want to compare the source images to what I see in game.
I’m not entirely convinced that I’m getting full textures in my game.

what are your texture quality graphics settings at?

Use the 4 examples that gbx provided. Everything is in tga format there.

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I have them on 8K and High.
But I’m running it off an Intel HD4000 with 1696mb shared memory. And 8gb RAM. (the HD4000 steals the memory from the system ram when needed)
But I can’t help but feel the textures aren’t as detailed as I think they ought to be.

Where might I find these examples?

Just to end this,

HW1 Textures max out at 4k

HW2 Textures max out at 2k

A pretty epic upgrade.

Lazer72 - a quick note about Intel 4000 series chipsets…

We were warned by Intel that they don’t really perform well sampling above 2kx2k - The texture units start to become severe bottle-necks. So the ‘default’ for that hardware is to limit to 2k. You can run higher - but it often comes with a MASSIVE performance penalty… FYI.

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You’re back!
Been pretty quiet for a while.

Are you sure? Does it automatically limit the textures? Because I set mine on full and it works fine. 60fps.Though any kind of AA slows it to a crawl.

Maybe that’s because in Homeworld there aren’t all that many textures on-screen at any instance, unlike, say, Assassin’s Creed.
There aren’t any fully textured maps or worlds.

Mine is paired with the i5-3210m.

I ran HWR on my Surface Pro 2 (It has an Intel HD 4400) and I didn’t notice any slowdowns or loss of image quality. It was a much smaller resolution than I’m used to, but it’s good for a few hours on a plane trip :smile:

HWR is pretty optimised already when it comes to textures though, some mods are going nuts with 8k textures so they’ll give you a noticeable slowdown on integrated graphics chips

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Can’t really imagine playing without a mouse!

I have mine at 1920x1080.
So yeah, not very demanding after fiddling with some settings.

I have a mouse! It’s a wedge mouse :sunglasses:

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