Sourcerer's Daughter Update

In addition to my earlier Post on killing the Sourcerer’s Daughter my thoughts would be to have a Bee Shield and a Sandhawk. However I have a level 68 Bee but my latest Sandhawk is level 56, which would be ineffective at level 68. Apart from the Capt Scarlett DLC is there anywhere else in the game where I could get a fire, shock or normal Sandhawk? Alternatively could anyone do a trade on one?

I have seen a couple of You Tube posts on killing the Sourcerer’s daughter but these all have very few spiders running around. My game has swarms of them making it difficult to move anywhere.

You can just reply on your original thread you know? If you’re using bee then the level of sandhawk doesn’t matter. It’s just a delivery system for the bee so your on level bee should be fine. Can you post your build? The Sorcerer’s daughter shouldn’t be a two hour long fight especially if you’re beehawking. Even better for Gaige is Bee + Fibber.