South East Asia servers?

I would love to Pre-Order this game due to the fact i love gearbox games but then again I hate high ping because there aren’t any servers in SEA for shooters like black ops 3 >.>
So yeah, have the developers confirmed or do you guys know any info on an SEA server?

Haven’t seen anything, but it’s hard to say due to the release of consoles rather than being a strictly PC title.

There are definitely global/regional servers, but I don’t know the specific location of any of them.

Hi @thusithadesilva, I’m not sure if it was you, but I saw this question on Reddit as well. We will indeed have a Southeast Asia server – in Singapore to be more specific.


I am now 100% on board with BB. I’ve been slowly warming to it but I too was wondering how the connection from here on Elpis was going to go.
Trying to play from here when servers are in the US or EU is very laggy at best.

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I’m a bit late but this is awesome news, Western Australia gets better ping to Singapore than Sydney. Hopefully we’ll easily be able to choose the server location we play on?

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Then why is my latency showing 1 bar of red? I would get about 40-50 ms to servers in Singapore.

In Singapore and tested out battle born coop… but getting yellow ping…