Southpaw Assassins issue

On my OP8 Gaige, I completed Assassinate the Assassins a while ago and have recently tried to go farm them. The first one shows up (I think it’s Wot), but when I kill everyone and get to where Oney should spawn, he doesn’t appear and the gate remains locked since you can’t proceed until you’ve killed him. They all appear for my Maya (haven’t tried on my Zer0, I forgot to earlier) as I just did the challenge yesterday for defeating all of them in ten minutes. Anyone else having this issue?

Yes, I have the same problem. One character is locked out and another is not. My character that was locked was 72 but I haven’t bothered checking back since resetting a few times.

There was another thread somewhere about this. It might have been posted in the Bl2 forum. I don’t think anyone ever figured out a solution to it though.

Cool, thanks for the response. At least it’s not just my game.

I found the other thread, someone posted in it so it came up as “new”.

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Hmm thanks. Interesting, I thought this might be something exclusive to the HC or ps4 version but I guess not.