Southpaw S&P - Am I Forever Glitched?

I haven’t played BL2 in a long time, so I decided to load up my Mechromancer and get her to 72.

I remembered the map Southpaw Steam and Power was glitched for her, where the 2nd boss would NEVER spawn and so the doors were locked. So I decided to reset her UVHM progress and retry.

Yesterday I finished the assassination mission and took a break. I usually just farm a Shock Commerce SMG when I need to upgrade weapons due to leveling, but today I figured I should finish the whole map. Unfortunately it happened again, the 2nd boss NEVER spawned after 3 resets.

I thought resetting UVHM would fix it but I guess not. Anything else I can do? I did try joining someone else’s game running this map a long time ago, but that didn’t fix it for me after playing solo.

The only things that come to mind are:

  1. Try running through it in another mode, like TVHM and see if it’s glitched for just UVHM.
    I haven’t ever done a second run on Assassinate the Assassins, ever…so I’ve never run into this particular glitch. I did have my teleporter in Sanctuary bug out on me once in UVHM and my system froze every time I tried to fast travel anywhere. In that case, luckily, I reloaded the character from the Main Menu into TVHM, fast traveled and then quit to main, reloaded back into UVHM and all was well.

2)Is this just for farming purposes or are you trying to complete a challenge? If it’s for the latter, I suggest the same above.

  1. Does a recorder fall like it does when you kill the Assassins the first time? Curious, because, like I said, I’ve never done a second run on these guys.

I did a little reading about this and apparently this problem has been occurring to some users for years. The good news, it’s not just you. The bad…well, you already know the bad news.

Just to clarify…what do you mean, exactly by “reset”?

Same problem here, on my 72 siren on the ps4…I was wondering if it’s from having some random mission open or not accepted yet.

Hehe, I was typing my response when you posted yours.

Anyways, I was just using the 2nd run for farm so not really a big deal to me…didn’t know it was a bug and others had the same problem.

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I didn’t know it was a bug either until I searched the web and found a few others with the same problem as you and the OP.

For me, I never went back because I have Digistruct Peak and all four Assassins are already there plus most of the other mini-bosses. I seem to have better luck farming Digistruct that the places these bosses spawn naturally ( plus seems less of a hassle fast travel wise ).


The only thing that has ever worked for me was switching from one mode to another after reloading the character from main menu. Hard quitting might work too, but I can’t say for sure.

By reset I mean quitting the game and restarting it. Note that I’m not redoing the mission, I’m simply playing through the map again.

I ran through the map just now on TVHM … got an empror (yay?). Ahem, anyway it’s not glitched at all. All bosses spawn and I can proceed through the gates.

This is for farming purposes really. And there’s no recorder to be dropped.

Edit: Well I’ve never done digistruct peak. I mostly run the first assassin (which I can) for a quick shock SMG for my shock Gaige. The Three Dog shotgun isn’t too bad either, and I can get both pretty quickly. It helps till I get to 72 which I am nearing.

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Ok, cool and thank you. I figured you meant that, but you can never be sure. ( I used to do technical customer service for satellite TV, and …let’s just say, you can never be sure, lol )

Now have you tried it back on UVHM yet?

Just ran it on UVHM. Nope, he didn’t spawn.

Crap. Yeah, at this point I have yet to find a solution. I have no idea how timely GBX tech dept. is…but I’m sure they’ve at least heard about it ( not sure, but hopeful ).

I’ve had this issue on my Axton, but not on Sal, Zero, or Maya. Very frustrating, since I actually enjoy running the zone for fun.

try going down the hall. if you walk directly to the door where he spawns, he won’t spawn. you have to kill the enemies in a chain in the corridor opposite the door. after killing the enemies in this corridor, he’ll spawn. it’s the otherwise unused area that has to be cleared.

I cleared everything leading up to Oney, including taking the route through the small room (the long path to his door), multiple times, without getting him. I’ve since reset him, and just did the mission last night. It worked as it’s supposed to for the mission. I’ll see if the reset unbugged the farming runs, and will report back.

The good news is, this glitch occurred in UVHM. If you don’t mind redoing some stuff, you can just go to the character select screen, choose the character, and reset UVHM. That should definitely fix it. Plus, you’ll get more good gear by playing through quests again.

Odd question.

Did you join a game in which the quest target was the Assassins with said character?

I already tried resetting my UVHM progress and the glitch still happened. So it happened to me twice on the same character. I could reset for a second time but apparently it’s not a guaranteed fix so I don’t really want to.

Also, no I never joined a game that did this quest, I always solo’d it. The only time I joined a game was to run through the map to farm, and then attempt to switch to singleplayer to repeat the same. That was a year ago or so.

Are you on PC?

I’d get a ticket and contact GBX about this. Your issue is clearly not on your end.

Sorry mate, this must be so frustrating for you.

I have the same problem. Assassin Oney just doesn’t spawn for my Gaige and Salvador.

I had it on my Maya but it was fixed in reset

Either of you gentlemen take a ticket and hear anything from GBX? (Speaking more to @Eel37 on this one considering yours fixed itself Derch)

They’re usually good with this kind of stuff.

I’m planning on resetting my playthrough with Gaige. If the problem still persists though, I’ll take the ticket.

@Derch Did you do the Assassinate the Assassins mission before or after Sanctuary took off? I’ve heard people say that it might glitch Southpaw out if you do it before Sanctuary’s take-off.