Space Game Junkie podcast with Homeworld: Cataclysm devs

Saved Twitch broadcast

It’s long, but interesting podcast with Cataclysm devs. They talk about production of that game and discuss remaster/recreation possibilities.

First hour is about Cataclysm, they start playing Treasure Planet after that.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing, @Feallan!

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Interesting. So ex barking dogs employees doesn’t seem to have been contacted at all and they are willing to help remake cata which they seem to think won’t take much doing and the whole source code debacle is just nonsence which I agree with as u can extract pretty much every asset from a copy of the game u just needed a source code of hw1 really as it was so close to it with some additions.

I agree with the ex devs. They didn’t pursue cata as they want to see how much they get from hwrm first and if it does well they can remake cata at least a classic version fairly easily and have help from original devs who worked on it.

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The best part was where they were commenting on the testers from sierra lol. Wonderful story. I feel the whole “moving ships in 3d” Is an over-exaggerated difficulty. It’s really not that hard to grasp the 3d movement, I had a more difficult time learning how to play an FPS with a mouse back in the day then I had learning to use the 3d movement system in Homeworld. I just think back then there weren’t a lot of people playing homeworld, and I have introduced it to several friends of mine, be it male or female, they got the hang of it very quickly.

That being said, Gearbox! the old devs have spoken they will help you in your quest for Cataclysm just like the Bentusi helped the Kushan return home, should you choose to remaster this timeless classic =p

Btw I love how the interviewer says homeworld’s gameplay was kind of “dumb” Got bored, but never even bothered to finish the game or play it online to dive into the depth of the different strategies and tactics used. Come on…

I would totally buy a collectors edition of Homeworld: Cataclysm Remastered.

I really hope Gearbox will bring in the old Barking Dogs guys to do this!

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Seconded for great justice!

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i think people need to realize gearbox and blackbird just don’t think cataclysm rates. it has nothing to do with projected profit or source codes, etc. all just explanations and justifications offered by either side.

it’s not going to happen. so get started on the total conversion. that has a much better chance of happening than an official remaster.

I wouldn’t spend a single minute in a Cataclism MOD. In 6 months or less we will know what is the perspective on this matter.

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Somewhat pessimistic but ya why not… You do have a point there @chimas

In my heart they will get it done and who knows perhaps 1 or 2 more dlcs before they abandon the remastered edition entirely once they are satisfied and then working on HW3 hopefully after the successful release of shipbreakers. Naturally such an adventure should be coordinated with Black Bird in any aspect.

The attitude from Gearbox whenever they have commented on the subject is they want to do something with it, but are leery of doing that without the source code. In one of their recent interviews, they plead for anyone with the source code or who knew where to find it to come forward.

A lot of forum warriors have claimed it’d be easy to recreate it without the source code. Right.

The thing is if those old cataclysm devs say they can recreate what they’ve done in cataclysm without too much difficulty then it is possible, maybe for them. However I think a lot of people are underestimating the difficulty of doing this without the original code.

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It’s actually true by coding standards it shouldn’t be that hard also the coding languages changed and evolved many things are even easier nowadays than 15 years ago. Only the math remains the same. They could surely figure the different things out by themselves. But it would be naturally much more time consuming and you heard the Cata Dev podcast. It would require even more play testing and changing things back and forward till everything actually fits and works.

So yes the SC would be beneficial but not necessarily required.

We also have to remember that it would be trying to make Cataclysm in HW2s engine. We may all get a better understanding when we play HW1r and find out it’s just HW2 re skinned. I’m still trying to wrap my head around putting 1 and 2 in the same game. Imagine putting HW2’s ability to target modules into HWC, I’d have you hanger popped with 3 hyper Torps before you had acolytes produced. Or the amount of time it would take to get cloak detection up with a HW1 fleet up before 10 mimics ruin your day.

At the end of the day, it may be that 1and 2 were close enough so that it is doable, but everything that made HWC HWC wouldn’t fit in that universe. Crystals? Infection? Seige Cannon? I think 3 repulser rotating drednoughts would be unstoppable by any HW2 combination.

Still, I would love nothing more than a re released stand alone of Cata. I was one of the scrubs who thought it was the best of them.

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I would prefer mine incorporated into the remastered as well + a classic release. Even by todays standards Cataclysm still looks very nice - well except for the usage of the old race ships.

As for an unified mp mode. Shouldn’t be hard since many things will be totally different in there anyways - balance wise as well - same game play wise since the complex guys had their hands on it involved I’d say we’re good to go to have the Beast and Somtaaw in it as well.

Super weapons off - on
New super weapons for the Taiidan, Kushan, Hiigarans & Vaygr to compensate for the Somtaaw and Beast their Weps.

How ever for me those super weapons ruined the mp experience back then. Building a nice fleet just to see a blaster projectile heading towards your mothership and ruining everything. Infection could probably stay on a small scale as it felt more like a defence ability while the Blaster was offensive wise used.

Anyway I’m slipping away… With those 2 races all others would have to be adjusted or the 2 newcomers to the four others. Which would probably result in a total strip down of their unique abilities. Guess that would become a mammoth project to balance that out.

Thinkable would also be a specialized game mode in which all races fight against the Beast with only Taiidan players as allies. It could be a coop scenario for up to 4 players vs pre made CPU players playing differently than in the regular games. Could be fun. Somewhat fighting in a uber large map where every player holds some sort of map specific area which you can only see and identify in the sensor manager and you need to hold out and eventually move into Beast territory.

You sound like one of those Sierra testers in this podcast. It was nice to hear from that Cata dev how much effort he put into balancing the SC. Credit where credit is do, they did a remarkable job. Siege strats were very hard to pull of in a competitive MP game. You had to dump so much time and effort into making one, and it was both easy to tell if someone was taking that path (early weapons mod with no sign of misslytes, mimics, or MBFs) and very easy to counter. A single ram frig was enough to stop the lessor skilled. The shot itself was very inaccurate at distance, slow moving, set off a loud ass alarm when fired, was visible moving from sensors, and took minutes to recharge. No, Seige cannons were rarely game changers, they were more often nail-in-the-coffin novelties.


Lol :stuck_out_tongue: Well thanks of course it was balanced and for the campaign it was epic I just don’t like the concept of super weapons in general. Be it in rise of nations or any other game that is. It’s just my personal opinion no worries. :smile:

Then again by the time I finally bought Cataclysm all those years ago nobody was playing it anymore. So I never did play it online only once with few friends over hamachi or tunngle. But they didn’t know Homeworld very well so I can’t say much about the mp aspect of the game. But I’m glad to read what you’re saying… Seems like I’ve missed some really good mp matches.