Space Jam FL4K - Slam Through M4 True Maliwan Takedown

Ratore and I have been in the FL4K factory and have actually made slam work. Will find A True Takedown M4 Clear, explanation of why it all works, and a few jams in the video


Where does all the second winds come from, I dont see, is it the lightning coils killing wandering mobs? Anyway that s probably the crazyest takedown


Very unique and looks fun. I love it.

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Yea it’s the lightning coils killing things off. Hunter seekers as well depending on the situation. It’s a cool meme lol


Thanks man, glad you like it! Yea it’s a fun set up without a doubt

I had my fingers crossed the song was in the video.

Had to have it in


This one was a lot of fun to bring together. I’m glad it’s even a thing at all.


You’re not only the hero I need, you’re the hero I want.

Haven’t made it the whole way yet through the video but what about using safeguard? With this build or just in general to increase survivability. Is otto idol just straight up better?

Safeguard is pretty decent. It depends a bit on how many enemies are around and how fast things are blowing up. In the testing otto idol was outperforming safeguard

I’ve always wondered if safe guard would be helpful to a tanky Fl4k build but we never had a reliable way to proc the effect until now. Otto idol doesn’t seem to have any contenders for its spot. I guess there is a reason everyone uses. And I trust yall’s judgement being the smarter Fl4k.

Impressive results on the build from the two mad scientists in the lab.

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So we’ve got Gunboy FL4K, Airforce Fl4k, and Spacejam FL4K. Still working on pet FL4K.

Whudda thunk in 2020 that the Glass cannon hunter class would have a better slam build than pet build :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:


Yea otto idol is just super dominant because we kill things so quickly. Then we have the route of going deathless if we just want to be extremely bulky. If resistances worked a little different I feel it would have a better place but I’m sure something will pop up. It’s a very solid defensive bonus.

@boombumr we actually have everything working other than the pet right now lol


That’s not even the best track from that movie. Mj, heavy d, and kris kross ftw.

But great build! Lots of fun.


Pretty funny build and cool video. I found a Last Stand Safeguard with decent passives last night and it occurred to me that maybe there were some interesting new uses for relics now that you can slam reliably.

I am interested to see what we can all come up with.

EDIT: @kabflash @boombumr @Ratore @nodreamsonlygoals Not to coopt anything but since I mentioned it in my last post and this build revolves around slam artifacts, suggest you check out my most recent post about the Safeguard on the Fl4k TG thread. That thing is going to be useful!


Safeguard felt kinda bad on the slam build specifically since the health return is pretty much needed for its gameplay, but i can see it being good on Rakk/Fade like you said in the Top gear thread.

I am trying to make my own slam build with Zane, but there is something basic that I don’t fully understand, sorry if I missed it in your video : how slam critical works with spark plug? I mean Is there a way to get it by aiming or is it random?

if you position the spark plug at a higher altitude you can get more criticals flowing. FL4K has the advantage of having megavore which makes things crit without needing to hit a weak spot.

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I’m gonna need you to do me a solid Dakquan and see how ludicrous this build is with the new Ground-breaker Guardian perk.


LOL. And yes!

On the new video, you need to use “Slam” by Onyx.

Got a little time to mess around with the game, been pretty tied up. Slam with the new perk feels really good on M10

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