Space Laser Tag Crash Upon Entering Chute

I’ve been trying over and over to jump into the chute everytime the blue screen pops up… :rage: they need to fix this issue immediatly. You shouldn’t have to get a second controller or find a way around the problem because there should be NO problem. I love this game but it’s ridiculous that I spent over 65$ for the game to keep crashing. I’m pretty pissed off.

Same here. Stopped my progress dead in it’s tracks. Good times.

Has anyone submitted a ticket for this yet?

I did already. It’s been less than 24 hours though and the weekend is coming so I doubt it’ll get fixed soon. But as I’ve stated, if anybody can access multiplayer the crash doesn’t happen so it’s best to try and use that for the time being.

Cool, I just wanted to make sure that it had been “officially” reported.

This was happening for me too - seems to be fixed after the release of todays hot fix.

Anyone around LV 19 and wants to play online with me to try any get into the chute? I have ps4. GT: AmbieNicole7592

Ugh, sounds like it is still happening then? Apparently, if you crouch walk to the chute, drop in, immediately slam, and not touch the sides…It is doable. I’ve yet to try. I’m taking a time out.

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This is happening on xbox one as well. Happened twice in a row for me jumping down. 3rd time I was able to get down by looking straight up and just walking to chute until I fell in. Just look straight up and walk in…that was trick for me. GL

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Thanks Ill have to try that.

Guys apparently the bug was fixed

It wasn’t fixed for me…I literally was just crashing and so I googled and found this thread. Again, maybe because I am xbox one and that isn’t fixed yet potentially.

Stare at the sky and fall in did the trick.

I’m on PS4 and I still keep crashing

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Mine still crashes too.

Tried the watch the stars, stare at the sky trick this time too.

I just got home from work trying to relax, and it crashed at this exact spot twice for me…

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Same thing just happened to my boyfriend and me on our game. It crashed four times in a row for both of us and we finally just quit.

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Not fixed unfortunately, after 3 crashes I googled the problem and I’ve been redirected this thread, fortunately I have a second controller because there was nobody online to play with at the moment

Dude that ■■■■■■ worked, thanks for the tip

Here’s what i did. Looked straight forward, walked off the edge on to the slope of the shoot, kept looking forward but once i fell down the centre of the chute i did a ground slam thing and it worked, was at the bottom after 3 crashes. Don’t know if it was looking forward or the slam but it worked for me. Hope it helps guys

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Same issue. Playing tvhm and constant crashing. 4 times enough for me. Time to shelve it till tits fixed