Space Laset Tag misson glitch

Hello . I am unable to complete the mission space laser tag. In the mission., once you defeat the guards rear ventilation door should open and then you continue. Well the rear door will not open for me. Tech support has not been able to help me. I cleared the cache, uninstalled the game. Tech suggests that I enter someone else’s game to complete the mission. The problem is I don’t know anyone with the game that I can join. I have tried to use the game matching feature to join a game. Each time I join a game they are not in that mission. I tried asking for help in a community club, but not answer.

I am a 62 tow year old grandma so none of my friends play console games. Am I just stuck This mission is so early in the game that none of the people that I join the the game match are running that mission. Can someone help me.

Hey your help is here lol.

Add me: Picklefish420.
I am always glad to assist on Xbox1.

Not sure you still need it. Add me anyways and message me for some coop. I have a good group of gents that would embrace you as a coop player with us.