Space Making Giveaway

Clearing out my bags and bank, if you see something you want just list the gear and your gt and I’ll mail it to you. my gt is dnaker
Its first come first serve.

Engulfing shredifier
Reciprocating tribolt
Razrez sickle
Tamed star heli

Mainstream bitch
Turbo ten gallon
Bountiful destructo spinner
auditing hyperfocus xz44 cryo

Woodblocker radiation
Expert storm
High cap malacks bane

Poison polybias x2
Proficient projectile recursion
The lob
Cool headed tidal wave
Binary compressing trevonator

Deluxe baby maker
Frozen ginormous bangarang xl
MOARR linage
expert hellshock
cunning wagon wheel
the companion
the flood
unending magnificent

Hey can i have the flakker :+1:
GT Thrubnat

Hey bro, can I get your radiation Laser Sploder?

Gt RavenMock3r


I’ll take either the Fire Lucian’s or the Ferocious Ogre.

Or both, but I understand if you want to keep it one per customer. Thanks.


Or can I get your cryo Shreddifier?

Gt RavenMock3r

Everything’s been sent so far

Nvm… Got em. Thanks dude.

If you haven’t got rid of it can I get the firesale long musket?

GT jflake05

When I get one again I’ll check my bank because I think I have an extra transformer and if so I’ll send it over.

Interested in the Sublime tsunami anointed if the annointment is either for Moze or non specific.

Anointed beastmaster, what’s your gt

I sent it to you via PM.

But well if it’s ‘beastmaster’ I mean I could still use it, but perhaps someone else needs it more then.

I’m also interested in that Cash infused crossroads shock because I had one that was great with cryo, but unfortunately is too low of a level now.

EDIT: Got them. Thank you very much!

Have both shield and one pump. Willing to mail to you for free since you’re giving away to so many people. For shield: are you gunner (have god roll annointed one), and a normal one. Let me know class, and GT and I’ll mail them in a few hours when I’m home!

Thank you so much, yeah I’m gunner. I keep updating my list so let me know if you want anything

Annointed butchers if any is all I’m after. So I’ll send them if you don’t mind waiting a few hours! The anointment on transformer is after exiting iron bear you get 75% bonus health and 75% extra shields for 30 seconds. It’s pretty damn good in my opinion

Ps: post or pm where to mail them when I Get to it please

Mail is cool, my gt is dnaker

added some more stuff, might be a few hours before I get back you

What are the elements on the trevonator?

Radiation and cryo

I’m looking for one with corrosion. Oh well. Also sent you a one pump chump I just found.