Spamgate: my favourite thing that doesn't have to do with Deande

credit where credit is due, thanks to @blainebrossart1 and @EdenSophia for their help with this.


Oh? whats this? I’m making a post in the Phoebe section? I can hear your objections now.

“but you don’t know anything about phoebe” or “phoebe doesn’t have burst dash” or even “how dare you come in here actin all like you own the place. making threads in our space. eating all our snacks. shoo. away with you.”

okay, okay. I admit i’m not a phoebe savant, but just hear me out and then I’ll get back into the Deande section where I belong. And besides…

…the game says phoebe is one of my favourites so that gives me some credibility, right?

anyway, onto the meat and cereal of the post.

So yesterday I was doing my normal things. such as this

And this

and some of this

and even a little of this

(no this isn’t me trying to show off, i just didn’t have a lot to talk about since Phoebe, but bear with me and I’ll stop wasting your time now)

And then my good friend Blaine joined me and we did some of the preceding. but things took an interesting turn when i went to test comeback king stats with him and Eden. I was reminded of a build I theory crafted a while back where I tried to make the comeback king work like the Flame of the Firehawk.

I didn’t get that effect - Blaine has that one down pat right over here - but I did figure something else out that is a lot more practical and probably the most fun I’ve had on a character that wasn’t Deande.


basically this entire thing pivots on your level 2 and 6 helix choices as well as gear.

At level 2 take the choice that prompts your shield to begin recharging after phasegate.
Note - this replaces the slow! - End Note
At level 6 take the helix mutation that instantly cools down phasegate on shield depletion.

Run two max stat gears with a negative to shield capacity. this will give you a 20 shield capacity.
Run a recharge rate gear. this will take the recharge of your 20 cap shield from a third of a second to a fifth of a second. that should be sufficient to have your shield recharge within the perma recharge frames caused by the external source of shield regen.

just for looks this is what I run

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but ive done it with a buch of free gear too, which works better in different situations.

how does it work you ask?

well here is my short and simple answer. when you phasegate you get your shield back instantly. almost any source of damage will strip it an cause your level six mutation to proc. then you use phasegate again to get your shield back. once your shield pops you have another phasegate. simple, no?

Now my personal thoughts on this as a viable strategy, after getting over how fun it is, is that it is quite workable. is it better than your run of the mill slow phoebe with attack speed stacked for days? no. not really, no. But you can make this work, and by god it is beautiful when you do. You blow minds, make people think you are hacking, when you are actually reking them legit. Incursion is a bit hard to pull off though, and I don’t recommend it in a competitive situation, but sticking to quick match against randoms will net you some amazing results.

But above all: fun factor. If you like hate mail then this is the build for you.

a few parting words: I don’t know if anyone has found this already, but I looked around and didn’t see anything so at the very least it is not common knowledge. If I am the first, HAZA! I christen this build and play style “spamgate and spamgating”. if not, oh well. Deande! Now go, play with my build! have all the Christmas fun you desire as my gift to you. rek all the scrubs. each and every one!

also you can tell I took a lot less serious tone with this from my Deande threads. It’s because I’m on foreign ground here, so if anyone knows this character better than me please poke all the holes you like. Improvements are always welcome especially for such an experimental thing.

And merry xmas to all you legends out there.

I’ll go back to the Deande section now. cheers.


I have done this and confused myself… Trying to hit a moving enemy like melka can be confusing for both.

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so it does exist before me. interesting. ah well, maybe next time. weird that I couldn’t find anything on it though.

You gave me your POV, here’s mine.


I’ve done this before but just haven’t posted anything about it cause I like keeping things to myself :frowning:

GDI Nemo!




I should have known you would do something like that.

Lol this build is a lot of fun but also has many weaknesses. What ruins it for me is that there is a pc glitch (guess it’s only for pc) that when phoebe shield break it cancels your phasegate and doesn’t let you spamgate :frowning:

Specifically, the glitch is that if a skill has its cooldown reset while you are casting it, the cast is canceled at the cost of the cooldown. While this is impossible to have happen in most cases (because usually you can’t cast a skill before it comes off cooldown), there are a couple ways to have it happen.

As my memory serves, only three characters have a cooldown reset. Alani’s and Orendi’s proc on casting a different skill, so they can’t cause this bug. Phoebe, however, has her reset proc on an external conditional. Thus, she can be casting phasegate, and simultaneously lose her shield, resetting the cooldown.

The other way to observe this is global to all characters. At the start of a match, all cooldowns are reset when the doors open. So just hold out a skill that doesn’t instantly cast (e.g. frag grenade), and watch it be canceled at the cost of the cooldown when the doors open.

Would Attikus’ pounce qualify with it’s level 6(?) helix?

That procs at the end of his pounce. Impossible to proc it while channeling the skill.

Ok, I wasn’t sure since I’ve never gotten it to trigger with him.

hate to necro this post, but I was wonderiing your opinion of using the comeback king gear to replace the vibro-core module. proccing 140 burst of damage consistently seems like great waveclear

so is the vibro-core a necessary for this build? does comeback king seem viable?

TBH I was trying to make a practical comeback king spamming thing when I theory crafted this. on the question of if the vibro core module is necessary, well, no.

originally I thought that the legendary effect would help get the shield back up faster, but it goes up so fast already that I just switched to this
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the skill damage is also negligible on the vibro core. The reason I stick with the recharge rate is because it takes the recharge time from a third of a second to about a fifth of a second and allows the combo to tumble over even faster.

but a third of a second isn’t very long so the king could still be viable, I just don’t remember it doing complacently spectacularly when I tried it. but that’s purely anecdotal and it was a long time ago.

If you want to spam the King you should try out this.

How does Shield Recharge per Second as a Major Stat compare for Shield Recharge per Second as a Minor Stat for this build?

The reason I ask is: purposeful reduction in Shield Power and high uptime of blinking makes me wonder about Health Regen Per Second as a viable sustainment strategy.

Medical Nano-Colony provides Shield Recharge per Second as a Minor Stat with HP Regen as both the Major Stat and as an additional bonus when Shields are recharging.

Also, on a less important note, I really enjoy dealing out crits with Phoebe.
If I were to substitute Critical Damage gear for either Attack Speed or Attack Damage, which would be better to drop, or is it just straight up unequivocally worse and I should just get over myself?

Mathematically speaking, having a secondary instead of a primary on recharge rate would put your recharge time at a little under a quarter second.

With that short a recharge delay I doubt you will get much out of a legendary the gives health while recharging. However it could work with the epic equivalent. One of the biggest problems with this build is sustainment, so anything in that area would help.

If you are really accurate with phoebe then drop the attack speed. It’s a lower increase to DPS. That will also in turn give you more damage to your crits. But for me personally I can’t phoebe so I like the attack speed.