Spare BL2 Gear, Heads and Skins Available

Got repeats of various heads and skins while farming, as well as spare gear from levelling up a new batch of characters. Let me know if there’s anything you need! I’m on most evenings from ~6-9 pm Eastern time.

Update: All items available as of July 7th 2018

Heads and Skins:

Item Type Rarity Quantity Element/Action
Handsome Jack’s Mask Head orange Assassin
Til Death Do Us Part Head purple Siren
Frozen Wrath Skin purple Siren
Wish Upon A Star Skin blue Assassin

NVHM Gear up < level 30:

Item Type Rarity Level Element/Action
Leather Stomper AR blue unique 28 none
Ornery Stomper AR blue unique 28 none
Filled Stomper AR blue unique 30 none
Legendary Psycho Class. Mod COM orange 24 burn/mag/shield
Captain Blade’s Midnight Star Grenade blue unique 30 explosive
Lobbed Caustic Leech Grenade orange 30 corrosive
Lobbed Electric Leech Grenade orange 30 shock
Sticky Homing Fire Leech Grenade orange 30 fire
Sticky Homing Caustic Leech Grenade orange 30 corrosive
Sticky Homing Electric Leech Grenade orange 31 shock
Punitory Prowler Launcher purple 21 corrosive
Boosh a 12 Pounder Launcher blue unique 29 explosive
Base Lady Fist Pistol blue unique 28 corrosive
Incendiary Greed Pistol blue unique 30 fire
Gunstock Greed Pistol blue unique 30 fire
Elegant Aegis Pistol purple 30 shock
Deputy’s Badge Relic blue unique 30 Shotgun
Impaler Shield orange 30 corrosive
Impetuous Ravager Shotgun purple 25 explosive
Miss Moxxi’s Heart Breaker Shotgun blue unique 28 fire
Miss Moxxi’s Heart Breaker Shotgun blue unique 29 fire
Incendiary Sand Hawk SMG blue unique 30 fire
Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch SMG purple unique 30 corrosive
Acuminous Good Touch SMG purple unique 30 fire
Consumate SubMalevolent Grace SMG purple 31 shock
Brtiva Pooshka Sniper purple 30 slag
Tl’kope Callipeen Sniper purple 30 none
Rough Rider Shield blue unique 33
Boosted Octo Shotgun blue unique 20 slag
Apt Bad Touch SMG purple unique 28 corrosive
Jery Riged Bone Shredder SMG purple unique 29 none
Barking Chere-amie Sniper blue unique 29
Kwalal Kwalal Buffalo Sniper blue unique 29
Tumtum Callipeen Sniper purple 29

Do you still have any of these?

Yep. In fact, I’ve actually got a few more! I’m out of town Jan. 27th, but I’ll be back on-line some time on the 28th. GT is Alkymist96. Send me a message on XB1 with an idea of when you might be on (including timezone). I’m in eastern zone (GMT - 5 hours).

Okay thanks!

Did you get any new zero heads and skins?

I’ve got these:



Can you hold the razor head for me if you could pls thx

So you won’t be online until the 28?

That was a December post! I’m on fairly frequently. If you let me know a time when you’re going to be playing, I can try and drop in long enough to give you the head. I’m in eastern US time zone btw. During the week if I’m on, it’ll likely be between 7 and 9 pm.

Can you be on right now and I also would like both I thought I had the badass drop one but I dont

I sent you a,message on xbox so you know who to give them to
I have been trying to get all the zero heads for awhile
After these 2 all I need is 3 and they are the hardest to get

Yeah, I saw your other post - still looking for those myself! Will check my messages when I get home this evening.

I need the bunker head , terramorphous and vermivorus head and those three are going to be a pain!

If by any chance you come upon digitized death for gaige(bnk3r head) may I be so lucky as to maybe reserve that for trade?

Updated the list with new heads and skins Feb 24th 2018

OP updated with a new set of gear up to level 33, as well as a couple of skins and heads.