Spare Cutsman or Krebs Worth

Does anybody have a spare corrosive cutsman or corrosive Krebs worth to trade, I do not care much about anointments. I have some decent legendaries that I can trade for it, including a level 50 scourge, as well as a few legendary Amara and Moze class mods. Sorry about the lack of detail, if anybody is interested, I will check the weapon stats.

Sure, what platform?

I am on ps4. Thanks.

Ok, thanks anyway.

Did you get what you needed? I can offer you a corrosive cutsman

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Have you gotten through yet? I have a corrosive cutsman can give you.

Thank you, My psn is mommy bammy. Are you looking for anything in return

Nope, merry Christmas!


I will friend you when I get home. Merry Christmas.

my friend request is already waiting, please accept and I will mail it over

Sorry, I will be able to accept it when I get home. Thanks.